Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Things Take a Dive

The week before last was very profitable.

This last week, with one noticeable exception, not so much.

There have been various explanations put forth - school's starting, a bunch of people are off to the Burn, life simply sucks, and so forth.

But for whatever reason, it's been slooooow.

Not that it's been miserable, just unprofitable. Besides, there were little things like Sunday afternoon's birthday party for my Dad - the Indian contingent was back in town, so they threw him an extra party.

I of course ate to bursting. There were even samosas left over when I was done, which is just wrong - but I only have so much room. Several unexpected visitors - Dave and Pele, who I haven't seen in forever, but also my parents' neighbors Andy and smallI forget her name</small>...

The Sunday show was 19 singers in 8 rotations, so apart from the lack of income, a nice little evening. The big thing that night was genuine_snark and onyx101 showing up. Together.

There has been reconciliation. I rather believe this is a good thing.

Matt H. came in and sang one of my new Muse songs, kshandra spent most of the night, and there was quite a pleasant amount of Gia.

Afterwards timenchanter, Blake, and I visited April, and then home.

Monday afternoon was spent hanging out with raven2000 and Sean at a seedy motel in Santa Clara.

Seemed appropriate.

That evening, Timmie and I were sorta hoping to make up for the lack of Sunday income. Not so much. The weekend income was 30% off of target, though the elder Mark did his best to help me through tips. 10 singers, and 13 rotations, the singers including synkitty, Kim, Kathy & David J, Andrew S, trivialt, and supersniffles.

We had fun, though Timmie's car did get towed. I'll refer you to his post on the subject, for those that can read it.

Tuesday at the Shamrock was back to the "pulling teeth" category, in terms of getting singers, and the least profitable night to date (though I still made more than I did on Sunday and Monday). As far as I can tell, I'm only still employed there because the owner is out of town.

I had one guy show up, hoping for the contest. He sang a song and left. I did a bunch of "me only" rotations.

Danny came back, which helped make a few of the 24 at least two person rotations. About halfway through the night, a blonde girl (apparently Dianah's boyfriend's ex) showed up with her new boyfriend, and sang a bunch. Though she kept on forgetting that she'd already done Summertime. Twice.

One of the more... lush... clients of the bar, "Sam Stone," got angry at me (again, actually) for intentionally screwing up the rhythm and lyrics of various songs. For a guy that claims to have slept with Janis Joplin, it's interesting that he can't recognize her version of Summertime...

And it's actually kind of refreshing to run into someone who thinks that I personally put together the lyrics and background tracks to 14,500 songs. I haven't dealt with one of those for years.

He tipped me a peanut.

I did have one group of kids call me the best KJ in Alameda, which was nice, if not necessarily saying too much. Hopefully they'll be back.

Wednesday was, again, a pretty slow evening. With tips, I made $35.

Not to say that I didn't have an awesome time. For one (and a very major) thing, the elusive tankgirl made contact, we had dinner, and she rode along to the show, where she had much fun flirting with people.

We also had Carly, Matthew, a return of T/Tyrone/Pain with a very nice singer (Unic or Unique) in tow, that he's apparently promoting, DJ Friz-B, Carly & Kevin, Scott Free as "Pippi," Evan, Oni, a very energetic blonde named Nora that says she'll be back with more people in tow, Wil, and more.

16 singers, and 8 rotations. Kym sang several songs, as well as singing with various people, and Rachel even got pried out from behind the bar to sing a few.

And I think I'll stop here, check on my laundry, and maybe even get up for the day.

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