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Moon Phase

December 2020
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Bruce [userpic]
Drama & Violence

My plan was to borrow jeffercine's truck in the early afternoon, head over to the bar around 6:00, and pick up my equipment before the Pride kickoff party started.

I got halfway. By the time I got home with the truck, all I wanted to do was zone out. I managed to do that until around 8:00, when some Mena related drama started up - she found herself babysitting a friend's son when the friend just randomly walked off. I was still around at 10:00 when cekyr0 messaged me, asking where the hell I was.

So I pulled myself together and headed off to the bar. Apparently there was something going on with me - two people asked if I was drunk. Whatever. I was a happy non-drunk.

The party was a lot of fun, especially when the fabulous valeriesparks was spinning. From the outside, even the bar fight was entertaining.

After the bar closed, I loaded the truck as rapidly as I could, then off to Denny's with Steve, Steven, Alex, Jefferson, and unbreak_able. To fit the tenor of the night, a fight broke out which was only broken up by a cop's Mag-light.

The restaurant filled with cops. I had gay boys drooling over the guys, and Debbie drooling over the one girl. I had to agree with Debbie that the cop in question had one hell of a nice ass.

Then home for a few hours' sleep.

I was supposed to be setting up at 10:00. About then, I asked for my passes at the vendor booth. They didn't have them, but I could go to the stage. At the stage, I got the system set up, and got an ID packet - which didn't include a pass bracelet. I love organization.

Anyway, everything's set up. I'm waiting for 2:00, when we'll all try to figure out what we're doing. I'm also waiting for Mena, who should be here by now...

Mood: groggygroggy
Music: Sex Shooter -- Apollonia 6