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I dropped by the Dome around 4:30pm, and spent a couple of hours before heading back down the hill to set up for the party.

I'd never done anything at Maggiano's before, so I got there about 7:00pm to figure out how to set up by 8:30pm.

Driving around and parking at Santana Row on a Saturday evening is not my idea of a great time.

Fortunately (1) the staff at Maggiano's was extremely helpful, and (2) they have a loading dock. Without that, I was looking at hauling the equipment down 5 floors of parking garage, across about the length of a block, and then through a crowded restaurant.

So I got to make the acquaintance of the back areas of Maggiano's. For some reason, every large place like that has a complete maze of back rooms and corridors - nothing ever goes directly. Kinda entertaining. Gotta say, though, nicely kept up. They keep it reasonably clean back there.

Anyway, I got the right banquet room, and schlepped my stuff in, only acting like somewhat of a bumbling fool. It was a nice little group (about 20 people, a third of them kids), of whom one, Patrick, has apparently been to the bar before.

I surprised myself by unloading, reparking the car, and completely setting up by 8:40pm. I was completely drenched in sweat, the ends of my hair were soaked for about the last 3 inches (evenly. It was weird), but I was set up, and I didn't have time for anything else.

Friendly group. There were some very good singers (Patrick, Earl, Jessica, and Jason), and some not so good. I couldn't figure out how to pronounce most of the kid's names (they mostly seemed pseudo-Hawaiian, though there was a definite Filipino cant to a large part of the room), and the kids weren't precisely the best singers in the world, but they were fun as hell.

I was supposed to run until 10:30pm. I ran over by about 15 minutes.

Carol, the organizer, tipped me an extra $20, so I almost made my usual rate. Three people took cards.

Definitely a positive experience, if somewhat sweaty.

Then, of course, the usual matter of packing up and getting back out, sped along by my usual paranoia about somebody locking me away from part of my equipment.

I was tired, hungry (I'd been staring at food all night), and right across the street from the Cheesecake Factory...

I ended up with the same waitress as before, who only charged me for my entrée. She got a very large tip.

I'm also proud of myself that I only ate half of my sandwich. I just finished the other half about an hour ago. Of course, that doesn't mean I didn't gorge myself.

Then home, some minor stuff with a very inebriated timenchanter, and, I believe, sleep.

When I woke up Sunday, I settled into buying music. Well, selecting music - I'd bought a right to download a bunch of songs last week. The hour or so of doing that was much fun. The following four hours of incorporating it, not as much. But I finished it, and only got to the bar half an hour late.

Fortunately, at 8:00pm, the only person there was Jill, and she was mostly focused on her drink. But Miki walked in shortly after that, with her friend Blake (who Timmie knows quite well, which was amusing), and then people started to pour in.

Most of them, gratifyingly, after I was set up.

Jill had a nice little group (Angie, Cheri, and Kate), but the big part of the evening was seeing Natalie and filmbuf104, who haven't been to the bar in over two years. They brought quite a crowd with them.

Add in megcn86, snafflekid, Veronica, supersniffles, lucydogstringer, Trankenstein, Jorgie, plus more, and it was quite the crowded Sunday. We had a total of 27 singers, and 5 rotations, the last one ending around 2:10am.

An extremely entertaining group, and a very high energy night. Also a very profitable one. We're just a few dollars short of making target for the weekend. Tips were good, too.

Not to mention the landscape. Natalie continues to have trouble believing just how attractive she is.

Gloria, part of the Kevin&Natalie group, took my card - apparently she knows a place in Newark that might be interested in a Friday or Saturday show.

Kate, of the Jill group (as opposed to the Kate in the other group. There were some identification issues) took my card, because she might have a wedding I could DJ up north. Waaaaay up north. I'll need to know more details.

Megan pointed out that the Karaoke Entertainer of the Year contest starts this week. I got the Shamrock to sign up. I generally hate contests, but I need to do something for advertising for the place.

I'm completely unprepared, and the packet has supposedly been delivered up there. So I need to head up multo early tomorrow to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do.

I tried calling Dianah today, but so far, no answer. She may still be on vacation...

A pleasant supper chez April with Timmie, and then home, where I tried to glean what I could about the contest from the web, and researched what I might possibly do to hook into the Shamrock's video system. From what I've been able to see, it looks like they modulate several cable channels onto their local distribution system, and then tune into what they want from each TV. Which means I should be able to simply mix my channel 3 signal in with the others.


Anyway, gotta start getting ready for tonight. Napping sounds good...

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