Bruce (kor27) wrote,

A Night in the City

Yesterday afternoon was reasonably successful. I got the three books bound, got to the bank just before they closed for the weekend, deposited some cash, picked up my "posters" at FedEx (at 8.5" x 11", they're not quite what I'd call posters), and had a nice little masala dosa at Mama's Curry, which is cheap, plentiful, good, and right up the road from me.

On the failure side of things, I was unable to find anyone interested - or at least available - to come up to the City with me, so I ended up going alone.

Oh well.

I got up there around 9:30pm, parked as near the Cat as I could manage, and dropped off my prints with Alethea. They had a nice little night building.

I had an odd moment, while I tried to recognize the woman selling jewelry - and she tried to recognize me. I figured she was from the old KoC industrial crowd.

It was Bronica. Duh.

Anyway, I then parked in my usual DNA spot on 10th, remembered to take off the side pouch full of tools, and got up to the club. Where, of course, Rachel had completely forgotten to put me on the guest list.

Whatever. It's $10.

I got some Kübler from Jared, said hi to Jules and Rachel, and then hung out with Jim and Ace for a while, waiting for Smash-Up Derby to come on. This was their "Mashups 101" show, where they dressed as schoolteachers (sorta), and a slide show of info about each song displayed as they sang.

It was actually kinda informative, though I found it hard to read when I was directly in front of Adrian the whole time. Darn.

Trixxie wore far far too many clothes. She also had to point out that she wasn't wearing the same outfit as the one for the Michael Jackson tribute, because she was wearing different... shoes...

Meanwhile, Angela was being amazingly sexy. She really rocks the nerd look.

So, anyway, from the info in the slide show, I now need to spend some time lurking around GYBO...

After the set, I kinda wandered around in my usual aimless fashion. The original idea was to take in the midnight show, then head home - the week had been kinda low in sleep.

So of course Adrian recognized me as he walked by (Dude! I was in front of you during the whole song set! The stage lights aren't that bright!), and, being the excellent human being he is, gave me a drink ticket.

Which I exchanged for a DNA Coke&Jack (there really is only room for about a shot of Coke in those).

Needless to say, I stayed a bit longer than originally planned. I at least needed to be sober enough to walk back to the car...

The midnight show was LA Bootie's R.A.I.D. (Random Acts of Irreverent Dance). Lots of gold lamé body suits. It was kinda like the Gold Man Group meets Daft Punk.

Then just hanging out, and enjoying D's and Adrian's sets. It's interesting watching the progression of things - there are a lot more songs with matching videos.

Though I still can't believe they played the Lil' Jon/LazyTown mashup video.

I even had a quesadilla - I was hungry and couldn't go anywhere. Not too bad, and it hasn't killed me yet. Though you'd think a mole chicken quesadilla would taste more of, y'know, mole.

Around 1:30am I headed back to the car, only to realize as I approached that while I'd remembered to take the tool pouch off, I hadn't remembered to take the car key out of said pouch first.

Good thing I've kept up my AAA, huh?

It was fairly impressive. The amount of time I had to wait for the truck was about as long as the amount of time it took to give my info to the dispatcher.

And then it took him about 30 seconds to unlock the car with a generic slim jim. Kinda scary, actually.

A relatively uneventful ride home, and then, fairly shortly, blessed sleep.

I actually feel sorta... rested... right now. It's an odd, unexpected feeling...

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