Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Thrills, Chills, Near Spills

Another couple of days in the exciting, high-stakes world of karaoke.

I was a little late to the Cat Club on Wednesday. Not terribly, but later than I would have liked (an hour and ten minutes to set up, rather than an hour and a half). This would have been fine, except for little details.

Like not being able to park in front. Which wasn't that bad - I was able to park not too far away on 7th. The kicker was that at one point while I was unloading, two spots opened up directly in front. So I jumped in the car, and sped around the corner...

To find that someone had parked their car in the middle of the two spots. So I had to circle around the block, and park just a little further away. In fact, I tried again a bit later, with exactly the same result. But that was after the show had "started," but before I got any songs.

Then there was the projector issue. Randy is normally there to pull down the projector screen and turn on the projector. The projector is easy. The screen...

It's a simple job for someone with a sense of balance - and lack of vertigo - to stand on the top step of a stepladder that's balanced on a ledge, stretch up, catch a ring, and pull it down. That ain't me. I had to find and disentangle a taller ladder, then climb far closer to the top than I found comfortable, because, of course, the taller ladder doesn't fit on the ledge.

And, in fact, if Rachel hadn't been holding the damn thing, I likely would have gone over at one point.

Anyway, I was close to ready at 9:00pm, when Rachel let jannypanlj into the building. Turns out there was nobody else out there, which was kind of a relief. Jan passed out books for me while I finished booting up.

I got started at something like 9:20pm, after Jan, Scot Free, and Marcus put in songs. We did a couple of rotations with just the 4 of us - in fact just us and Rachel in the bar. It started looking like one hell of a dead night.

Then the bachelorette party showed up - a gaggle of girls, some of whom sang fairly well, and almost all of whom took their turn in the cage, frequently in groups of three.

In fact, Abby pole danced her way to the top of the cage while singing Sweet Child O'Mine. It was just awful.

Then around 11:00pm or so, more regulars started showing up, like Matthew, Steve, Maria, Tim, and Derick, Tim's um, whatever he is. It turned into one hell of a nice party.

At something like midnight, "Mark O'Harps" showed up. He looked like a street performer, and a quick Google seems to indicate he is. He's also damn good, both vocally and with the harmonica (including volume. The man can play harmonica at vocal levels, rather than "blast your ears out" levels). He plans to be back, which I think is an excellent thing.

Eventually Kym got drunk enough to sing a song - and sing along with several other people. And towards the end, we even got a song out of Rachel (then several more during shutdown).

Income, while not huge, was enough to keep me happy.

I didn't exactly do a great job with the sound. The funny thing is that I got it so that an individual mic didn't produce any feedback, but any two mics on at the same time (including my announcement one) were guaranteed to do so. Oddly enough, very few of the people doing duets seemed to notice.

Anyway, I finished shutting back down around 4:00am, at which time Rachel, Steve, and I went off to Orphan Andy's, because Rachel was craving their pancakes. Which are damn good.

I gave Rachel a ride back to her place around 6:00am, then started the long ride home.

I napped in the parking lot across from Ikea, which allowed me to make the rest of the drive home without accidentally killing anyone. It also put me right in the middle of the morning rush hour.

I got to bed around 8:15am.

Then back up around 1:00pm, for not particular reason. I printed out three new books, but didn't get them bound, because I had a last-minute "meeting" with Sarah & Paul about their wedding.

Mostly, we gossiped while they fed me Chevy's.

Then they followed me to the bar.

I was late getting started because of the schmoozing at Chevy's, which of course meant that there was a group waiting - I didn't get started until 8:50pm.

Interesting night. The first two rotations were a mere 20 people long. Half of those leaving meant the third was only 25 long. And then I fit the last, measly little 13 person rotation in before closing.

Busy, 'twas.

We had a lot of regulars, but also quite a few of those that hadn't been in for quite a while (like markobellydance, dionuse, and Chris E).

As well as quite a few new people. There were Miles, Rachel and Sandy. Patrick, Nick, and Elliott from Monday came back in. The Alex group had several new additions. Marko brought in his new roommate, Joe. There was Ivan, who found out for me, the hard way, that the present incarnation of my player doesn't do key changes on MPEGs. And the Scott, Christina, Yolanda, and Sarah group.

The bar did very nicely. I did reasonably OK for tips, which is rare on a Thursday.

And Char came in and flirted with me, which was awesome.

The slip filing job was rather grueling - 36 individual singers, not counting the two people who left before I could get to them.

Then a very pleasant supper with timenchanter, foxypinkninja, kizmet100, and supersniffles at the home of April, then home for some oblivion. I was tired. In fact, the only reason I made it through the night was a couple of caffeine pills.

Today had been fairly relaxed so far, though I need to get moving. I have three sets of books to bind, a car to unload, and a set of posters to pick up at FedEx. Then I'm likely heading up to the City for the first night of the Bootie 6-year anniversary. I'm supposed to be on the guest list, if Rachel remembers.

But if she doesn't, it's cheap.

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