Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Partial Week

Well, lessee...

Sunday I did, against all probability, have dinner with kshandra. She was indecisive, so I took us to Red Lobster, for my periodic "why I don't go to Red Lobster" dinner. Not that the food's bad, it just isn't worth the price.

But the biscuits were damn good, as always.

I believe I was a little late to the show, but nothing insurmountable. The night started slowish, but built reasonably nicely, which a medium level of turnover - by the end of the night I'd had 18 singers, and a total of 8 rotations.

Miki came in for the night, and brought her mother, Debbie, who also sang quite a bit. Debbie spent most of the evening hanging out with Ruby, which I found mildly amusing.

There was also quite a bit of the elder Mark, some David T with a date (Chel), kizmet100, Veronica, Miki's, uh, "friend" David, trivialt, Cheri, (big bad) John, Honey, Honey's interest Uva (who didn't remember meeting me at Pride, and decided to call herself Shishi for the night), and at the end, a relatively exhausted lucydogstringer, unwinding for moving firestrike into his new place.

A nice little evening, and not exactly terrible in the income department.

Monday during the day is a bit of a blur. I know I did some work on the new mashup track, but I'm not sure there was much else - well, apart from getting a new track from DJ Fnord, and incorporating that, his previous offering, and my last exercise into the collection.

The Monday show was considerably slower than Sunday (10 singers, and 15 rotations), though it did about the same in income. We had synkitty, the elder Mark, trivialt, Steven, supersniffles, and a new group - Patrick, Nick, and Elliott.

Those three were a riot - hopefully they'll be back.

I discovered that mashups play havok with Synthia's brain, and had quite a bit of fun with that.

The bar made just a little less money than Sunday, for a weekend take that was 11% down from target - nothing too terrible. I made the exact same amount of money both days, largely because of tips from Mark.

Though they keep getting more esoteric. What the hell am I going to do with a 1971 Eisenhower dollar in not particularly good condition?

The requisite dinner chez April, with timenchanter and Synthia, and then some sleep.

Tuesday I actually felt more... constructively productive... than I had for a while, so I handled some business, paid quite a few bills (not that there aren't more on the table), and did a little work on the new track.

And then off to my second Tuesday in Alameda.

It was a very, very busy night there. I doubt much of that had to do with me, but hey. I set up in a random corner, using the smallest table in existence (my tip jar ended up on a bar stool), because the pool table I used last week was being used for beer pong.

Another entertaining night, including a bunch of boys singing Friends in Low Places while taking off their shirts, as their girlfriends filmed them.

A lot of the shirtless aspect was sparked by "Jonny Walker," who was... interesting. He had trouble keeping his shirt on. Well, he apparently has trouble acting normally anyway: Dianah said he bit someone earlier in the evening...

The rotation was still like pulling teeth, but less so than last week - I had almost no dead air, and only had one "rotation" that was me alone. The chart's in the car, but I went through something like 16 rounds, as opposed to last week's 21.

Some more Danny, a couple of songs from Dianah (who was bartending this week - and doesn't remember much of last Tuesday), more Jakob and Mia than last week (how did I not catch how pregnant Mia was last time?), and otherwise new people.

Mike and Jen - he has a great voice, she's pretty good (and says she used to work in a karaoke bar), Josh (lots of Toby Keith), Stephanie (a bit of a Chicago fetish), Rob (a little out of control, very loud, and has a thing for Three Dog Night), and more.

Like the Caribbean contingent that likes to sing reggae.

It was a pretty fun night, though it was work a few times getting the singers audible over the background noise of boys drunk on cheap beer.

I did my standard straight/gay test, and sang Cowboy. It got Dianah dancing on the bar. I need to look for more songs like that...

The one slight bummer of the night was that the owner (a mysterious never present figure, I gather) wants to cap my pay, so from now on, the plan is that I'll make a fixed figure. A reasonably high fixed figure, but still, I could have made quite a bit more. My main problem is that it feels kinda cheap on their part - after the overhead's been paid, any more income is gravy. I'm more used to seeing arrangements where the fraction paid gets slightly higher as bar income grows.

Whatever. It's my highest paid night of the week right now. And if the night grows significantly, I'll ask for more - as it is, I'm relatively replaceable.

In order to prevent further supper mishaps, I took the Dumbarton home, and stopped off at April's. I don't know what I'm gonna do when she leaves that place.

And how the hell did Denny's, of all places, end up with a tilapia dinner that tastes good? Hell, how am I surviving fish there, much less liking it?

Life's little mysteries.

Which included my laptop not being able to connect to the home wireless network when I got back. I suspect it's the laptop (it doesn't appear to see any of the other myriad local networks, either), though if so, it broke between Denny's and home.

So I'm stuck on a tether right now. Woe is me, etc.

Anyway, I should start getting ready for tonight.

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