Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Limpin' Along

I left off on Thursday afternoon. I really don't know what all I did for the rest of that afternoon.

Knowing me, I probably played Peggle.

I did get an email response about a potential Tuesday gig in Alameda (at the Shamrock Pub. It's an incredibly short walk from where turn2nz and Stuart used to live, which amuses me to no end), tried to call back, and when that failed emailed.

Haven't heard back since. I'll likely try calling again tomorrow.

I also finally got the flyer artwork to the Cat Club, by the expedient of texting Randy. Haven't heard back on that either, but then, I'm not sure I'm going to.

I was half an hour late to the bar, because I was in a longish line waiting for a hair and beard trim, and I'd already put it off twice. So I might have been late, but at least I'm less scruffy.

So of course, ajayav and Albert were there early, and had to wait until around 8:50pm for the show to start. Sigh...

It was, as usual, a fun little night. In keeping with the theme for the month, it wasn't a particularly profitable night for the bar (we were at 50% of target), but at least it's the night I have a fixed income. Paula, on the other hand...

We had a total of 26 singers over the length of the night, and 7 rotations. The rarer appearances were by tlsthatsme, writenwrong (very happy about his P.T.), twitchet, Gia (just before heading off for her time in Utah), and Veronica.

timenchanter, supersniffles and I made the pilgrimage to April's place, where April appeared to be relatively unharmed, after the menaces of the previous night.

And then home. I fiddled with the karaoke creation stuff a little, then went to bed.

Friday, however, was pretty much completely devoted to the karaoke thing. Mostly, still, dealing with the learning curve for the software.

This will be going on for a while. Today's excitement on that subject involves "if you add effects to the file after figuring out the timing, it fucks with the timing." Whee!

I can't wait to find out what it does when I add images!

The largest issue in the case of this particular song is that I have a clean instrumental track, but the only vocals I can find are a couple of live YouTube clips. In the end, I converted one of those to a sound file, found matching events between that file and the instrumental, then distorted the live performance until it sorta matched.

I'm still not sure how well I did in the last 40 seconds...

Anyway, I then used the distorted live track to "trace" the word timing, and then substituted the instrumental back in. It seems pretty good. Except, perhaps, for the last 40 seconds. Oy.

Somewhere in there was a short visit to see raven2000, where I saw about half of True Romance before getting antsy and heading back to work on the track some more.

I was up until something like 5:00am playing with the thing. I wanted an extra 10 seconds of silence at the end for end credits, so I found one of several free solutions that didn't involve decoding and re-encoding the mp3. I didn't like my choices for countdown timers (they only allow standard font characters), so I created a font that contained the shape I wanted.

Apart from needing to redo the timing for a few lines, I mostly need to work on the graphics right now, and then I can see what Adrian and Fnord think of it.

So guess what I'm doing until the show tomorrow? Well, apart from sleeping, somewhere in there. And possibly giving Raven a ride, if I can get in touch with her...

Saturday, of course, involved more of the same, but it also involved my Dad's birthday. I actually got up there by 4:00pm for a change, and just hung out. The party this year was just the three of us plus their friend Carol. Carol recently had a birthday, so they made it a double party.

A nice little dinner (stroganoff), and an amazingly tasty strawberry shortcake. Plus lots of stuff from Carol about her recent trip to Turkey, and the requisite argument between her and my dad about cultural history (her tour guides and he don't agree).

I stayed out of the way on that one. Besides, I'd already had my argument for the evening. I mentioned I had mild scoliosis, and had to prove to him (in two reference works), that scoliosis is a side-to-side curvature...

I also stayed out of the "what you felt wasn't pain, just mild discomfort" discussion. I'm not totally sure my dad believes that anyone else actually experiences pain.

Family, gotta love it.

Anyway. I'm home, and there's art that needs doing.

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