Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Time Flies When You're Out of Funds

It's been a week. Well, close to a week, anyway.

I left off on Sunday afternoon, which of course is already kind of fuzzy in my rather inaccurate memory - but there are notes.

I got raven2000 to and from her thing for the day, had dinner with her, napped a bit, and then got to the show, I think almost on time. Give or take half an hour.

Slow night (kind of the theme for this week). But we had synkitty, and Hex, and Veronica, and Aaron, and trivialt (resplendent in his starwalker gear from the AIDS walk), and snafflekid, and Mo (who sang - more than once!), and Kellen, and a bit of lucydogstringer.

I'm pretty sure timenchanter conjured Steven. He was exhausted from several things, including the AIDS walk, and around 11:00pm or so made noises about closing early. Silly rabbit.

10 rotations of fun people, then we went home. I'm not even sure if I visited April that night - I was pretty tired.

I napped far less than I should have, again gave a ride to Raven, slept much less than is healthy again, then picked her up, and spent a pleasant afternoon, mostly at the Santa Clara Mongolian BBQ.

Monday night involved quite a few more people, and was comparatively profitable (bar income was down 37% over target for the weekend, but tips were reasonably nice). We had quite a few more people, too. There was Synthia again, but also Wayne (no, no that one. This one doesn't come in very often, and is an excellent singer) with his date (companion? SO?) Brian, megnc86, Kathy & David J, Ruby (of the Wayne variety), genuine_snark, the elder Mark (just back from Mexico, who among other things tipped me with a 200 peso note. Whaddaya do with a 200 peso note?), a group brought in by bluize, supersniffles, and just a hint of Jorgie.

Kris' group was a little party for Lindsay, who's just about to head down to LA for school. The party being those two, plus moonshae and Jennifer A.

8 rotations, and some impressively good singing.

Timmie and I did the Denny's thing, then home, where I slept a bit.

Tuesday was spent at home, mostly working on the mashup karaoke project, a lot of it evaluating - and learning - software. There were a few other things. I finally got my DSL and home phone line disconnected, which should save me a bit of money, and paid a couple of bills.

But mostly it was the karaoke creation thing.

There are two serious PC-based CD+G karaoke authoring programs: Doblon's Karaoke CD+G Creator Pro and DART's Karaoke Studio CD+G. They fortunately both are shareware, so I got to try them first.

DART's product seems much more solid (the other kept crashing), and generally easier to use. But I ended up going with Doblon's offering, purely because DART doesn't seem to have any word length control - they just highlight words starting at a certain point.

I also think I've figured out how to keep CD+G Creator Pro from crashing - it apparently is much happier with WAVs than MP3s. Now it's a matter of getting more responsive while inserting timing info. And figuring out how to get around their default title and credit screens, which are ugly beyond belief. But I'm pretty sure I know how to do it.

At several points during the week, I tried getting flyer info to the Cat Club, with no luck whatsoever. Patrick's spam filter is apparently stronger than I. So the next thing I'll be doing after finishing this is putting together a ZIP file with all the info, then texting Randy with the URL. I know the texts get through...

What with the karaoke fixation, on Wednesday I pretty much got out of the house in time to head up to the club. At least, that's my excuse this time.

Raven was busy right then, so I didn't pick her up - but she came along about half an hour later with Sean. This was good in many ways, if only because, since I was set up a little early, hardly anyone came in until very, very late.

The first of the 10 rotations was the 3 of us - I think at about 9:40pm. For the next rotation we added Oni, who hasn't been in in forever (I believe she lives elsewhere), and then on the next one we had jannypanlj.

In the end, I had 13 singers, all of them trickling into the place slowly. Wil, Steve, Marcus (who actually got to do more than 2 songs), Kit (who normally doesn't sing), Bronica (who hasn't been in for a few weeks), a random Chinese guy named Eddy, Kym, and one song by Patrick (he wasn't going to sing, but Rachel insisted).

It was actually a very fun little party. It was just a little party, with the attendant lack of income.

There were a few things that added some definite (and welcome) weirdness. First of all, it was cold and drizzly up in the City last night, yet again proving that San Francisco exists in an alternate dimension.

Then realizing, looking up at the event display, that Randy's last name is Maupin.

Then learning that Oni is the sister of Smash-Up Derby guitarist Jamie Cronander - and if I remember properly, used to date the other guitarist.

So not only is the City an alternate dimension, but a very small one. Which should surprise no-one.

I stopped at April's on the way back, to find a very stressed April. She'd just been threatened - in fact, nearly beaten up - by a gang. Her busboy was sporting a fat lip for protecting her. Apparently, when they left, they'd told her "we know where you work."

Just shows that no matter how nice, pleasant, and helpful you are, someone's going to manage to take offense at you sometime. Which just sucks.

Then home, a bit of sleep, and here I am.

Other tidbits, good and bad: I've been sorta retained for a party this Saturday. Except they haven't gotten back to me. This wouldn't be so bad, except it's my Dad's birthday, and we'd all kind of like to know whether I'm going to be there or not.

After my post about my ad on, a couple of people were kind enough to give me positive reviews. Those have since disappeared, for no known reason. Apparently they also echo CitySearch reviews, making me think that maybe I want to look into advertising there as well...

I'm in discussion with a group about possibly doing a party for them on August 23rd. The problem being that it's a Sunday, so I need to talk to Paula about what I might do. Which involves tracking her down.

The bizarre thing there is that they're a Christian group (likely related to the Joshua/Grace group. Possibly they are the Joshua/Grace group), and they want me to acquire this rather large catalog of Gospel hip-hop...

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