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Bruce [userpic]

DJ Fnord has been kind enough to let me have three of the tracks he's produced himself. so let me introduce MASH-001. Hopefully more will follow.

That brings the track and unique song counts up a full 3 each, to 14,596 and 10,796 respectively.

As always, the songs page is up to date, and the updates sheets are printing.

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Anyway to show what the original songs are? Like X song as music, y song as lyrics?

'Tis a problem. I can here, but there's simply not space in the book format for it.


"Boulevard of Broken Songs" is "Wonderwall" over "Boulevard of Broken Dreams".

"Boys Don't Get Paranoid" is "Boys Don't Cry" over "Paranoid".

"Careless or Dead" is "Wanted Dead or Alive" over "Careless Whisper".

All more or less. The version of "Boulevard of Broken Songs" is actually slightly different from the original Party Ben mix.

DAMN it. If I'd seen this post sooner, I'd've made more of an effort to be there tonight for racerxmachina's birthday. (I decided I was too broke to come play.) I'm absolutely doing "Careless or Dead" the next time I'm there, 'cause it's one of my all-time favorite mash-ups.

Who says you need any money at all?

And which one is racerxmachina?

That'd be Sandy. I'm trying to remember who else other than palecur (Paul, who sang "Bilirubina") sang out of that group the last time they were there.

(And I says, 'cause I don't like mooching off my friends.)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I'd kinda figured that out, what with Kirsten's response.

The sustains on "You Spin Me Round" are pretty tricky - don't be too hard on yourself. And the stuff you did with "Tribute" was awesome.

Oh - and thanks for the review!

Yay for MASH-001! Only 4076 more to go...