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Bruce [userpic]

I just tried to get my listing at yellowpages.com fixed. For one thing, "Kor Karoke" just isn't right.

For another, they have been able to get me calls. All for people who think I'm either a store that sells karaoke equipment, or a club. I had one person insist they wanted to come in this Saturday to get a feel for the place.

So, yeah. Some changes needed.

Monday, I called their listed help number, to be told to call back during normal work hours. I figured they were just closed for the 4th.

Today, they still told me to call during normal work hours. So I called their sales line, which, oddly enough, included an option for ad help, which reasonably shortly got me talking with a guy named Johann (they may all be named Johann).

He's hopefully going to get the listing at least somewhat changed for me in the near future. I also supposedly have space for a blurb in the "more info" area. Apparently, to change that, I need to write up what I want, and fax it (along with a special ID) to a number in Sacramento.

I suppose I should be grateful they don't require submissions in person at the Kalamazoo office, handwritten in mirror image...

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they may all be named Johann

And I recognize this quote because I'm a geek.

Nah, you're not a geek, you're cool.

You weren't thinking that, but I was.

Least they didn;t want it in sandscrit