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Bruce [userpic]

I just discovered I have a secret, um, non-admirer? Hater?

The actual phrase used was "passionate dislike." And they're not really that secret, either. But whatever.

Mildly disconcerting, it is.

And in an odd way, kind of validating. I'm more messed up than I thought...

On a more positive note, A+D just got back to me on the mashup karaoke bit (which was first discussed in the comments here) - they've found a couple of DJs that have been doing it, and they'll be doing karaoke upstairs at the DNA at 11:30pm this Saturday (there's a song list). There's a possibility of my future involvement, I'll likely be able to get my hands on the tracks, and I'm on the guestlist for this show.

It's great! I can pretend to be a big wheel!

OK, I can at least pretend to be a wheel. Perhaps a medium sized cog.

Meanwhile, back at the bar...

It was a nice little night at the bar. Financially, we did well enough that the weekend take was only 11% down from target. I personally did quite a bit better than that, because I was tipped a rather large number of twenties. Unusual, but nothing I'm going to complain about.

I started pretty close to on time, with myself, timenchanter, ajayav, and synkitty. Chip's companion, Milez, then started putting in songs. A couple of rotations of that, and it was looking like a slow evening.

But then Kathy & David J. walked in, followed by swanhart. Then a new group (Jen, Arthur, and a non-singer. Jen has a wonderful voice), then kizmet100, the elder Mark, Honey (with Hanan temporarily in tow), Matt, and James W.

Later we were joined by lucydogstringer, supersniffles, and a rare, one-song late night appearance by jasonmagick.

And a quick, non-singing visit by moahb.

All-in-all, 9 rotations. I didn't even get many refusals from the people that were suiciding.

Because Dev is without his flat screen tonight (apparently the movers goofed up), I borrowed a TV from the bar, which miraculously fit into my back seat. I'm a little surprised that a large tube TV didn't seem all that heavy, but I'm not gonna complain.

Denny's afterwards was myself, Timmie, Synthia, Maggie, and foxypinkninja. Then home, and that sleep thing before too long.

I was up fairly early this morning (in fact, I should nap for an hour or so), but apart from responding to emails, it hasn't been the most productive day.

Speaking of which, I need to update the bar website...

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For the record, I'm on the admirer side of the balance.
I think if you add it all up then this side wins.

Thanks much, m'dear!

Given that most of the people I meet seem to like me, and that one of those who has continuous issues with what I blog is still dating me, I suspect you're right.