Bruce (kor27) wrote,

A Few Days Go By

The week's kind of a blur right now, and I should post before it gets even more blurry...

I left off on Monday morning. Well, there was some sleep, and then a day, in which my main activity was prepping for the show. I bought the new Coulton songs, and then had to do something about update sheets.

I've been buying toner through eBay, and had found a really good supplier - the cartridges at least look new, the price is good, and the quality has been excellent. I was running low on the 19th of last month, and ordered another cartridge. A couple of days later, I ran out while in the middle of printing a book.

And started waiting for my cartridge to come. I've tried contacting the supplier, and have had no response whatsoever.

Except a UPS shipment notification today that I should receive it on the 7th. Thrilled I am not.

In the meantime, I had two discs' worth of updates to deal with. FedEx is fortunately not that expensive.

Then off to the bar.

A slow night, punctuated with cookies. synkitty bakes when she's feeling down, and, well, she was really feeling down.

The night was a mere 12 rotations long, consisting of myself, timenchanter, Synthia, David T, onyx101, kizmet100, kshandra, stuberyl, trivialt (freshly back from NYC, and not thrilled about it), Stacy&Terese, and supersniffles.

A good time, if not exactly, um, profitable.

Tuesday was generally chill. Well, technically, it was actually hot as hell, and I spent the afternoon in kind of a sweaty daze. Around 6:00pm or so I contacted Joyce about hanging out, so we did dinner at Zeni, and I dropped back at her place to get introduced to Min and Abby.

From there I headed to Effie's, to get Michelle a disc she needed (Unusual karaoke song for a memorial - don't think I'll be getting it for the collection. Contemporary Christian. Blech). Since I was there, I hung out and sang a bit.

It was... odd. A few people recognized me that I don't really remember anymore. There were several people that go to Dev's parties (Sean, Judy, and Tony, as well as Michelle), and then there was Nancy.

I'd completely forgotten about Nancy. She used to be part of the Old Opry House group of actors, which regularly came in to the Creekside Inn show, lo those many years ago. She's got a new man (John, I think), and doesn't really seemed to have aged or changed much. Very odd talking to her.

Judy convinced Sean and I to "dance" behind her while she did Poker Face. It was one of the few songs from this decade that I heard while I was there.

Around, I believe, midnight, I headed over to TD's to visit Timmie. When I got there, the room was largely empty, and he was playing a background disc while reading. We talked a bit, and I was settling in to considering whether to give him a slip or not, when Don&Rusty walked in, and started perusing the book.

I'd never actually talked to those two, so I hung out with them, and we sang. Not too long after, we were joined by jasonmagick. So Timmie had enough people to keep him going until 2:00am.

Then I just went home and slept.

Wednesday, I decided to do something about the toner issue, and bought a toner refill kit at Micro Center.

Bad idea. I'm not sure what the issue happens to be, but there are serious legibility problems with the output. It may be because of the amount of toner I put in (I always accidentally add too much), but the results have just been terrible.

Including an unusually large number of paper jams. Bizarre.

I made it up to the City at a reasonable hour (sans passenger this week), and was, for the second week in a row, ready to go on time.

So, of course, for the second week in a row, the J/G group didn't show up. My worry is that they've decided that I'm not worth it - they have to leave by a little after 11:00pm, and the last time they were there, I wasn't really ready to go until 10:00pm.

I've been religious about being there on time the last two weeks in large part because of their limitations, but, well...

Anyway, people started trickling in around 9:30pm - including, of all people, Sean. The first rotation was myself, Dennis (who apparently does a show in Oakland), Sean, and Matthew. Then it gradually started to pick up.

We had Evan, as well as Evan&Matt's new roommate, Amy. There were also Kevin&Carly, an excellent new singer named Tammy, an unusually late jannypanlj, Wil, Kym, and Anthony, who brought in a birthday party (Oscar, Lindsay, and Steve).

Patrick sang a couple, and I ran late to get a few last people in (like Yasmin, who was adorable, and Adam, Kym's SO). We also had quite a few songs by and with Anna, who was visiting from Boston with her husband, Frank. Much fun, that one.

All in all, 22 singers, and 7 rotations, ending around 2:20am. I didn't make a huge amount of money, but definitely enough to make it worthwhile.

Thursday afternoon I hung out with raven2000 a bit, and also had a long and unhappy set of text messages from my recent houseguest. She'd heard that I'd posted something about her online (not sure from whom - it wasn't Raven), and was, by all accounts, livid.

It's not clear she saw what I posted. I've since removed her first name, and fuzzed out yet more of the details, but I'm sure that won't be enough. Whatever.

I'm curious about this - I try to be relatively discreet, and so far, the only person I've had issues with is R, who considers some of the most minor details super-private. Now I've run into another one. And they know each other. Coincidence? I think not.

Different social group? Quite possibly. The word I'm thinking of begins with a "G"...

And then last night's show. Very nice, 'twas. I started a little late (I'm not completely sure why), and the first two rotations were just 8 people long (myself, Timmie, Albert, tlsthatsme, Jason, Melissa, ajayav, and swanhart), but then around 9:45pm, the crowd started to develop.

There was Terry, and Ruby, and parts of the Alex group, and Maggie, and Cindi (there early!), and Kellen, and snafflekid, and Hex, and Mikey H, and Aaron, and Sunny, and a new guy (Scotty Joe), and a straight-looking group (Maria and Ricardo sang), and qzar_mystik, and Mandi, and Jorgie, and Mark (who's incredibly familiar, but I can't quite place), and nightvzn, and Andrew S, and Mark's friend (?) Melanie, and Keni.

Quite a few people I hadn't seen for some time, in there. A total of 31 singers for the night, and 3 additional rotations. I assume the bar did all right.

I certainly did - tips were quite nice last night.

The weird thing is the story circulating around that Julz just bought the Savoy. This would be... odd. Her equipment hasn't been there for a while, and there were indications that the bar hadn't been open since last Monday.

Paula hasn't said a damn thing, but then she's not really good at, say, telling the person dealing with her website that schedules need to be changed.

I dunno. From what I know of Julz's ability to keep friends, and business acumen, I rather expect that if this is true, the Savoy will be in yet different hands by about this time next year.

But I've been wrong before.

Anyway. I'm dead tired, because for some reason, I napped in my chair last night, rather than clearing off enough bed to sleep in. And I need to head off to FedEx and pick up some slips - and possibly do lunch with Raven, depending on her schedule.

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