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Bruce [userpic]
A Day in the Sun

My houseguest spent Saturday night on my bed. I spent part of the night in it. So close, and yet so far...

By the time I gave up on sleep (around 8:30am), it was 92° in my room. It went up from there.

I got ready to head up to the City, and as I was finishing up, woke the girl. Who was not doing well, for various reasons.

Mild heatstroke probably being one of them.

She finally got herself together, and I dropped her off with a friend at a hotel somewhere. Back to the usual.

Then I headed up to the Millbrae BART, and thence to Pride. I met up with timenchanter and ladymorgana71 in short order, and we watched a large fraction of the parade - after all, it was scheduled to start at 10:30am, and I got there at 12:30pm. There was a lot of parade left.

In fact, we wandered off into Pride long before it was over.

For Timmie and I, it was the usual wander. Amy seemed determined to check out every booth, and buy stuff. Good for the vendors, 'twas.

I was, as usual, people-watching. Granted, most of the people I was watching were young women wearing next to nothing (in some cases, latex and a smile), but we all already know I'm a dirty old man.

It was a good day out.

Amy took off around, I think, 6:00pm, and Timmie and I headed off to the Castro to meet up with Joe. He kept jumping bars as we were walking there, but eventually settled in at the Edge, where we saw him, cybrenn, and Brad.

I was not, as it turns out, doing too well. First of all, I was in a room with a huge crowd of gay men. The issue there being heat. It was a sweaty sauna. Second of all, my right knee is hugely better than it was when I injured it at last year's Pride - but it's still not all that happy of a camper, and there was standing room only.

Eventually I decided to head home.

The Bagdad Café was between me and the nearest BART station, so I settled in there to have some food and sit. Not the worst idea - my eventual destination was my room at the Duplex, which was not going to be exactly comfortable (It's not. I've managed to get it all the way down to 89°).

And then I got myself home.

Where I'm doing my best to keep myself hydrated, and periodically slathering more aloe on myself. My arms are pretty bright, but I think my nose can be seen from orbit.

Damned daystar.

All-in-all a good day, though I'll be paying for it for a while. Reverified that Amy is a good kisser, though we were interrupted by Timmie. The heterophobe can only deal with so much.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: hothot

Heterophobe, am I? Well...I just don't know what you are thinking with such public displays of your sexuality! ;-)

If you're talking about Joe's boyfriend, his name is Brad. We ran into Brandon earlier in the day, though.


Fixed the post - I apparently don't differentiate Brandon and Brad well enough...

reading this is like seeing the cover of Soap Opera Digest in the checkout line -- without having seen the shows or opened the magazine