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Bruce [userpic]
Pride in the Name Of

There's a cute girl napping on my bed. No, not that one. Downside is that she's still wearing boots, and they're sticking off the end of the bed, making it difficult to get around my room.

Life is hard, sometimes.

Stiff, even.

Anyway, back at Wednesday... I actually got ready reasonably early, scooped up raven2000, and got to the Cat Club by 7:45pm, giving me both time to set up and time to play with a sound a little bit.

Not enough, though. I need to see if I can come in even earlier, so I actually have time to commune with the system. So to speak. I refuse to believe that I can't get better sound of of their system.

But whatevs. It was adequate, and I was ready to go by 9:00pm. Not that anyone else was - the Joshua/Grace group didn't show at all, and the crowds simply did not materialize this week. But we had jannypanlj, and Matthew, and Wil, and Tim. I'm assuming Alethea took off because she wasn't feeling well, so Rachel ended up bartending. It was just like home. And, as the night progressed, more people trickled in.

We still didn't make a whole hell of a lot of money. But it got to be a pretty wild party, especially after 2:00am came and went, and it shifted over to private mode. Patrick was having a good time, there was quite a decent level of flashing going on, and Steve, the bouncer (the guy I had trouble with the first night) got involved in singing. Mostly oldies - given the bands he talks about, I was really expecting hip-hop.

Rachel was just getting over the last of the disease that apparently everyone had last week, and so her singing wasn't perfect - but at least she did sing. And, of course, apologized profusely for not being perfect. The usual.

I believe Raven and I started breaking down around 3:00am. I would have stopped chez April, but R was out like a light, so I got her where she could sleep more comfortably.

I'm not really sure what happened Thursday afternoon. At some point R convinced me to switch over to Comcast for my internet connection, because (a) it's a lot cheaper than what I'm paying, and (b) she gets a commission.

I was latish to the Thursday show (we didn't start until 9:00pm), but the crowd didn't start really showing up until later, anyway. And they definitely showed up. 36 singers, and 3 and a half rotations - the half being whoever I could shove in between 1:40am and 2:00am.

A very lively night, with jasonmagick, Albert, synkitty, Wayne and Jorgie (Jorgie being extra Jorgie), Gia with friends (Kate, Michelle, and Sasha. It Sasha's birthday), a nicely energetic new group (Asha, Verenice, Marcus, Jay, Jason, and several non-singers), the Alex group including both Nelson and Manny (and their friend Maria), stuberyl, cybrenn, snafflekid, Kellen, justnate, Mandi, dionuse, markobellydance, celticnoor (for her last time before she moves down south. Sigh), lucydogstringer (with his boys and his sister-in-law in tow), and supersniffles.

Very good energy, and a nice amount of dancing.

It took us forever to shut down, and then timenchanter and I crawled over to Denny's for some recovery time.

Friday I was supposed to go up to the Dome, and did, eventually - but first had to make it through the installation of the aforementioned Comcast connection (by contrast, I believe it was two weeks before AT&T would get around to doing anything). I was impressed - the installer had issues, but obviously knew what he was talking about, and got them resolved. And I now have what so far, at least, measures as a much faster connection than my $65/month DSL. I'm thinking of dropping the phone line altogether.

Granted, Comcast will become more expensive in 12 months. But then maybe I'll go to Earthlink...

But then there was the one bizarre technical issue. Every machine in the house worked fine, except my Ubuntu laptop. And it worked fine, except for Firefox. And Firefox worked fine, unless there was a flash movie on one of the pages.

At which time it slowed down so much, it might as well be stopped. Rebooting the laptop multiple times had no effect. I finally gave up, and headed up to the mountains - at something like 6:30pm.

Oddly, my parents were happy to see me, even then. They even fed me a nice salmon dinner...

Around 10:30pm I rolled back down the hill, to discover that my Ubuntu/Firefox/Flash issues had evaporated. My best bet is that my router had still had the wrong DNS servers cached, but I easily could be wrong.

I fiddled around for a good part of the night, mostly playing on the net, and eventually getting SC-8583 incorporated. I think I got to sleep around 6:00am.

About noonish I got a phone call from the aforementioned cute girl, who was stranded, so I threw some clothes on, picked her up, got her some food, and brought her here, where she is, as previously mentioned, asleep.

I was toying with the thought of going to Bootie tonight, but I think I'll opt for more of a Pride Sunday thing. Though Tim is supposed to be at the Cat Club, potentially with Maria, tonight. On the other hand, I haven't had much sleep - and I don't feel like waking my guest. I think trying for the parade might be best.

Otherwise, I've done a teeny bit of shopping - my new glasses came in, which are very comfortable. Not the look I was going for, but they'll do. And I can see. Better, anyway.

So I also grabbed some other Costco goodies while I was there. I have toothpaste! Woo! Or something.

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I have a recent Comcast hatred.. never have I had so many internet disconnects in one night, i'm at 25 and counting now..


What, in this case, constitutes a disconnect? Lack of responsiveness, or the modem itself indicates no connection?

And how often has this happened? I cut some slack to providers for occasional nights where there's an equipment failure. I cut a lot less if the problem never gets solved...

Re: Hmmm

Completely lose all internet for 25-30 minutes at a time, try calling them and they never seem to find a solution, keep in mind these connection issues happen every day, multiple times a day

Re: Hmmm

Ah. Well, at multiple times a day, every day, I'd think of switching to DSL.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Seems like more of a response to Anthony's comment than my post, but I'll check into it if things go bad.

So far all is kosher.

I have, however, heard elsewhere of Comcast connections that were fine for some time, degraded, and then were never properly repaired. If that happens, I'll be fortunate enough to be able to jump to a different provider.

And it might be my lack of taste, but I didn't find that cover all that objectionable...