Bruce (kor27) wrote,

More Daze

I left off Sunday, shortly after midnight.

I'm not really sure what I did for most of the day Sunday. Probably coughed and slept, much of it together.

Every day this stupid cold thing, or whatever it is, has been getting better, but it just won't quite go away.

Sunday evening was a pleasant little show. We had qzar_mystik, megnc86, synkitty, supersniffles, snafflekid, Sandra (who at this point is a name on a chart - the problem with waiting too long to post), Honey (with Hanan), lucydogstringer, swanhart, jorgitoelcubano (!), and Matt, a guy who came in a week ago or so.

A pleasant little group, which actually made the bar a reasonable amount of money (I'm sure the two rounds of shots didn't hurt). We went for 9 rotations before closing.

Cindi and Synthia came out to April's with myself and timenchanter.

Monday I spent most of the afternoon hanging out with Heather, one of the people I met at Dev's. I'd promised her a full back rub many moons ago, and she decided to collect. Since she hadn't been out in quite a while, I took her along with me to the show that night, which was fairly slow, but not as bad as it could have been. We went for 12 rotations, not 20.

Bar take was 19% off from target for the weekend. On the other hand, it was 14% higher than the average for this year...

So we had the aforementioned Heather, Synthia, a full night of kshandra (!!!), a bit of David R (new guy), quite a bit of Albert, some (Big Bad) John, and the usual supersniffles nightcap. Heather got another ride home, and Timmie managed, in the end, to convince Cindi to come out to April's with us again.

He's had a lot on his mind lately. Silly boys, and their silly secrets.

Tuesday afternoon I got a text from Dev, asking when I was going to show up. I therefore knew the show as on, and started notifying people.

Spent a little more afternoon time with Heather. I do so hate giving rubdowns to attractive women...

Tried to print up two new sets of books, and almost got there - ran out of toner about a quarter of the way through the last book. There's a new one on its way (ordered it last week), but I probably won't see it until Friday.

Good thing I'd printed up a whole buncha slips.

The show at Dev's was fun, as usual. Though it was odd not seeing Holly there - she's been such a fixture. But there was Sean, and Michelle, and Gia, and Steve, and rackstraw, and quite a number of others - we had about 10 singers, including new people like Christina, L.T., and Amy (who supposedly had never done karaoke before. Didn't sound like it...).

I think it was about 12:45am when I started to close down. Takes quite a while there, mostly because of all the cabling I run behind furniture.

Then I met up with Timmie at the Mini, since he'd just finished his show at TD's.

Then home, and sleep. Today's been pretty mellow so far - I mostly need to consider how much more sleep to get this afternoon.

I did just agree to advertise with the yellow pages. This will hopefully not bite me in the ass.

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