Bruce (kor27) wrote,


After my last post, I mostly fooled around, but I also did buy some more music - none of which was ever used. S'OK. I'm trying to increase the DJ collection side of things, anyway.

Thankfully, I decided against the Disney stuff.

What with one thing and another - and not feeling sure if I'd sleep or cough, should I lie down - I didn't get to bed until 5:30am or so. I woke up in four hours (as usual), but managed to wrestle myself back to sleep until noon.

And then got to the location at 2:05pm, fortified with Dayquil. Given the party was scheduled to start at 3:00pm, this could have been tricky, but it was a small room, and the cabling was easy to run, so I was ready pretty much at the stroke of 3:00pm.

And started playing background music, as the kids filtered in. There was much of that odd, irritating squeal that proves that teenage girls are actually pod people.

It was Gia's niece Samantha's 15th birthday, and she was done up with fancy tall curled hair and a tiara, while wearing a black dress and pumps. 'Twas cute - and given the skirt of the dress had reflective bits in it, quite entertaining when the sun got low. She was her own disco ball, which she enjoyed immensely.

The usual slowish start, but after half an hour, they really got into it. Many group songs, much enthusiasm, just a huge amount of fun, and, well... I was supposed to play from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. I shut down a little after 9:00pm.

Still got paid for 4 hours, though. I could have argued, but didn't feel like it, especially since I hadn't talked to anyone when it started heading well over the 4 hour mark. Still a nice chunk of change.

Gia also made sure I got fed, and the food was pretty good.

Nice kids - I gather mostly theater geeks. One of the girls was giving off a rather strong covert lesbionic vibe (Gia concurs), and during one awkward moment across the room, I think caught me noticing. There are times where I really wish I could tell someone that it'll be OK. Give them a hug - anything. But most all of my options come off as creepy.

I believe I was fully packed up by 10:00pm, and what with a long talk with Gia, got out of there by 11:00pm.

Got to meet her dog, Jasper, a very attractive Samoyed.

Got home, unloaded the speakers, started typing this up, and fell asleep. Definitely on the tired side of things.

At least this disease seems to be getting better...

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