Bruce (kor27) wrote,

A Nutter Week

I did pretty well at updating regularly for about a week, there...

Back at Sunday, apart from the insanity, there was kshandra's birthday party at the Sherwood Inn. A pleasant little group, with Kirsten (of course), timenchanter, firestrike, supersniffles, murphymom, rackstraw, ladycrim, the elusive gridlore, foxypinkninja, kizmet100, and more (two of Kirsten's siblings were there for dinner, other people dropped by for a bit (like drewkitty), and I'm sure I've forgotten someone vital).

I was somewhat underwhelmed by dinner, honestly, at least the whole price per quality bit. But whatever.

And the karaoke was the fairly typical Avent stuff. The KJ's name was, I believe, Chris, and he was reasonably good at what he does, even if I did see him wiping a disc with a circular motion. Tsk.

Cindi consumed an impressive quantity of beer, and Timmie made sure that Kirsten was well supplied - while keeping up himself. This most likely explains the episode where Cindi and Timmie were feeling up Kiri under her dress.

I was sooo glad we were in a relatively quiet corner. Still half expected to get thrown out. Timmie, in fact, spent a goodly part of the evening acting all hetero to Kiri, so I suppose it makes sense that Matt and I did a fair amount of snuggling.

Yeah, I'm not sure what the poor regulars thought of us. They can deal.

I ended up with a business card from one of the couples there. They apparently do karaoke at, among other places, Carlos Goldstein's. Their card said something about 100,000 songs, so they're pirates. Not that I'm bitter or disdainful or anything.

The party broke up around 1:30am, I poured Timmie into the car, and came home.

Monday afternoon, I got a call from somebody, saying that Des (somebody else, whose relationship with somebody is a deep dark secret (it's apparently shameful)) had told somebody to make up with me.

I foolishly took that as indicating that of the choice of either not dealing with me, or being blogged about, she'd decided it was more worth it to take door #2. Silly me. This was her more standard "let's just pretend the unpleasantness never happened" bit, as opposed to, y'know, moving forward. I am, again, not bitter in the least. At all.

But it appears I'm single again. Assuming I wasn't before...

Monday's show was quite pleasant, and in fact did pretty well in terms of bar income (for a Monday), largely because of a new group that came in (Gina, Berwick, and Lonnie), and also, I assume, because of Kellen and James. We also had synkitty, Kathy & David J, hektikat (back from her world travels), hollyk (out from her cave), Brian, Albert, stuberyl, and Honey.

Honey was there on a date with Hanan. Woo!

10 rotations, 'twas.

Then, 'cause I'm nice like that, I drove someone to a job site in Hayward, came back to April's around 4:00am, talked with Synthia, went home to sleep for a few hours, then retrieved someone back from Hayward.

Later in the day, I was woken up by a cryptic text from Dev, which turned out to be a request to cancel the show because of too few takers. Given I had no idea he was actually gonna go for one, I sleepily agreed and rolled back over to sleep some more. We theoretically will be having one next Tuesday.

tankgirl appeared in the afternoon, and we hung out, had dinner, and watched Princess Mononoke. We were gonna go to Timmie's show at TD's, but she got a call to go see Darren, and I got a request for company from Kiri. So I went and picked up Her Kooshness at her mom's new place (niiiice house), and we went and had tea, after which I made it over to TD's.

Angela and Darren were there - physically, at least. I have to give Darren props for hanging out in a gay bar - he's very stereotypical macho American male.

The amusing thing was running into James, from the June 6th party. He took my card (Woo!). I also had Timmie give me an advertising spiel, which wasn't what I was there looking for, but oh well.

A bit of Carrow's, then home, and sleep. Wednesday I woke up to a shipment from Australia, and started to try to incorporate it. I always bite off more than I can chew - one of the discs would have been fine, but two was just too much, especially since I had a visit from Angela in the middle of all that. Conversation slows me down.

I was supposed to get up to the Cat Club at 8:00pm, so I could be set up and ready to go at 9:00pm. What with finishing off and printing discs, I didn't get started going until 7:30pm or so. Traffic up the peninsula was remarkably light.

Which, as far as I can tell, was Murphy setting a trap. Traffic stopped cold as soon as I got into the City. Where initially, it looked like I'd get there at 8:15pm, I didn't fight my way to the bar until 8:35pm. Then there was no parking in front of the club. So I circled around to 8th.

The place I thought was a spot was motorcycle parking. I got distracted, and seemed to get myself stuck in ever widening circles. I didn't manage to park until something like 8:55pm, after getting lost in the wilds of the City.

Fortunately, I unlocked one of the rear doors before locking the front door on the running vehicle...

The Joshua/Grace group was milling around outside, and Randy and I put them to work ferrying my stuff into the bar (poor Grace got stuck with my cable backpack). What with running around like an idiot, I got everything hooked up by about 9:20pm - only to find that my system had stuck partway through the boot cycle. Fortunately, a power down and reboot brought it back.

It took a couple of songs before I had the sound reasonable, or at least relatively lacking in feedback. Poor Anita had to last through my fiddling with the controls in the booth, trying to find the knob that would lower the monitor speaker (we point it straight at the singers, and it was set loud enough to cause problems).

Interesting night. We started with the Joshua/Grace group and jannypanlj, but not too long after that, Anthony showed up, with a huge group of people - it was his birthday. We also had a bunch of walk-ins, including this group of Irish guys that just would not stop bugging me to have them sing - or, as they got drunker, give up the mic. Things were relatively civilized until 11:30pm, when the J/G group took off home - and the alcohol really started to kick in.

I made it through 3 and a half rotations before they herded everybody out at 1:50am. 37 individual singers, at least according to my chart. The bar was packed (I kept waiting for someone to knock over the equipment), and I got to see what felt like almost everyone that had been to Julie's - Shondra and Jessica (Shondra preferred the sound at Julie's, which was actually cleaner. I still need to do a lot of work there), Evan, and Hollie, just to name a few (Hollie didn't sing, but she kept walking back and forth in this vinyl catsuit...). We just need to get Matt to come in.

The cute girl quotient was, in fact, quite high. One of them, Ellie, apparently lives next door. Very pretty redhead, nice voice.

Apart from the Irish, everyone was pretty well behaved - and the Irish weren't nasty, just annoying.

The bar did very, very well. So I did very, very well. Tips were excellent, and were completely eclipsed by the amount I made off the bar. I spent some time trying to make sure Patrick knew that next week will likely not be as stellar, forgetting that Patrick, unlike most bar owners, isn't a fool.

We're still considering alternate places I could set up. I'm tempted to move my stuff into the go-go cage...

I got out of there at 3:00am, minus a mic condom (twits kept taking them off, and one disappeared into the ether), stopped off at April's for sustenance, and came home, where I incorporated the third disc in the shipment. That took until something like 6:00am - and then I woke up again at noon.

I'm velly tired, but I have errands to run. Dammit. Maybe an hour's nap...

I got a quote for advertising services from AT&T today. Considering it. It pays for itself if I get just one extra party a month from it.

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