Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Nuttin' Like Wakin' Up to Some Psychosis In Your Cup

I thought about putting this in a private email - or posting it privately - or doing whatever. But ya know? Fuck it.

As is the fear of the person I'm talking about, a fair number of people that know me will know who this is. Largely because the behavior is unique.

I slept in today, because, well, I stayed up far to late last night (And now I'm missing Smash-Up Derby, dammit). As I was coming to consciousness around 3:00pm, I noticed I had a phone call from a Certain Individual. I called back, to find that the person in question is incensed by the invasion of privacy occasioned by my last post.

If I understand properly, it's not my particular choice of phrasing, it's not my playing around with how I refer to the individual without naming them. It's daring to say that I took someone to the Baycon BBQ, they didn't feel well later, and I took them home - coupled with the fact that a very, very tiny number of people know who I'm talking about.

The person in question gets upset about this sort of thing all the time, which is why I go to such extraordinary lengths to say so little about them. And yet, it appears that anything is too much - now I'm supposed to not only go to those lengths, but also private the posts.

If it were any other individual, the logical assumption would be that they're either embarrassed by the fact that they're associated with me, or that they're gaming me, and hoping not to be discovered.

Those are always possibilities, but it really does seem to go a quite a bit deeper with this one. They honestly get hugely upset on a regular basis about people talking about them - even though they also regularly exhibit behavior that will guarantee that it happens.

Human beings are social animals. It's been noted multiple times that, in fact, we're really only interested in stories about other human beings. What mostly makes us happy is connections with other humans, most of what makes that connection is conversation, and nearly all of that conversation is about people, a fair amount of it other people.

There have been studies made that indicate how vitally important gossip is to maintaining cohesion in social networks.

Basically, if you don't want to be talked about, find a cave to live in, and grow your own food - because if you have any contact with people at that point, you're going to be known as that weirdo that lives in a cave.

If, to pick a random example, one were to go to a bar, get roaring drunk, dance like a maniac, do the wave across the floor, and systematically go through everyone in the bar bumming cigarettes, one has acted in a noteworthy manner, and people will take note. They will talk about it to their friends, who will talk about it to their friends, and so on.

And no-one's privacy has been invaded in the least.

If one acts one particular way with a certain subset of the population, and a completely different way with a different subset, it is to be expected that at some point there will be a connection between the subsets, and people will compare notes. Because that's what people do - it's a large part of what makes them people. Getting angry about it is not only ludicrous, but will mostly just guarantee that people will stop associating with you - you'll be considered either a nutcase or a bitch. Or both.

Not that I've seen that happen over and over and over and over and over again.

Whatever. If the individual continues to be interested in hanging out with me, that would be nice. I will, however, continue to blog about the people that touch my life. All the people that touch my life. In fact, it would be more noticeable if I didn't - if I go places, and list all of my friends but one, quite a bit will start circulating about how I keep on not mentioning a particular individual.

Anyway, gotta get up for the day - I have a party to go to with my comparatively sane friends.

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