Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Well, I did, in fact, make it to the Baycon BBQ, which was much fun. Around 12:30pm or so, I was considering getting up, when She Of The Anonymous Persuasion called me, and was rather excited to learn that the BBQ was going on. So I actually got cleaned up, dressed, and to her door in 40 minutes, then betook her to the House of Siladi.

There was much facestuffing, quite a bit of the hugging and talking, and a fair amount of backrubbing. The usual, what. After a couple of hours, She Who Is Under The Weather was making going-home noises, so I did so, then headed back for more sunburn (why did everyone insist one standing around talking where there was no shade? Why?).

I ended up acquiring a 2009 staff shirt, after some waffling ("Would it be appropriate?" followed by a chorus of "Buy the damn thing!").

timenchanter and I headed back home separately around 6:00pm, got a bit cleaned up, and then took my car to the good ol' Maison Du Café for a dinner with the 'rents, Beth&Vee, and Beth's parents. Her mom acted like we'd met before.

I don't remember this ever happening.

Anyway, as befits Beth's parents, they turned out to be pretty cool people. Aaaand I already can't remember their names.

Pleasant food, good company, and a strong attempt on my part not to fall asleep.

I think we all headed to our respective places around 10:00pm.

I think the most positive thing I did before 2:00am was some laundry. Then, as I was trying to get myself to go to bed, the activity started. So the new books have been bound, and several of the older ones have been culled.

Then it seemed like it might be good to print slips, which ended up being a slight adventure - a few weeks ago, a confused singer effectively pointed out that while my books say "Track #," the slips say "Disk #." (actually, "Disk No.", because the font I use has either a nonexistent or terrible hash symbol). Unfortunately, changing it meant editing each slip image on three sheets, at 6 slips a sheet.

It took a little while.

But now it's done, the slips are printed, and I should clear off my bed and collapse.

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