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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]

Glasses: Ordered. Should be available in two weeks. I like the frame shape on my face, but I'm a little concerned - these are a half-rimless style, and the thickness of the lenses I need can make that look a little ungainly. We shall see.

So to speak.

Basic supplies: Bought. The Duplex has toilet paper! Woo-hoo!

Cash deposit; Not accomplished. The bank's computer system was down. No biggie. After paying for everything in cash at Costco, there's not much left.

Books: Two sets have been printed out, but not bound. My rig is taking up the table space I normally use for binding. That's my story...

Randy: Not contacted. I seriously need to call him about the flyers. Of course, it would help if I had the slightest idea what I wanted on the flyers (I duz karaoke gud. Sing wiv me).

Otherwise, I'm kinda at loose ends. I actually have three days in a row without a show. And can't exactly afford to live it up...

I'm thinking of dragging myself to bed (energy levels are low, anyway), so I can spend some time at the Baycon BBQ (assuming I can get someone to give me the address). And then tomorrow evening I have dinner with the family, and get to meet my cousins (Beth's parents).

And there's Pride during the day Sunday, and kshandra's birthday that evening (karaoke at someone else's venue? What?).

Could be worse. Could be... oh wait, it has been. I even saw lightning earlier.

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