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Last night was a relatively low-energy Thursday - in more ways that one. Bar income was just over half of target.

I was, of course, late, because I slept in until 6:45pm. But then, not a lot of people had showed up by the time I started.

But it was still a fun little evening. We had a fair number of singers (28), and 6 rotations.

synkitty brought cookies, megnc86 brought friends (and stayed until after midnight!), the Alex group came in, supplemented by Ed and his sister Maria, there was Albert, Rick, moahb, jasonmagick, dionuse, Adonis, stuberyl (for a second time), celticnoor (!!!), and supersniffles.

There was also a new group (Maya, Elise, Dee, Angie, and Melissa) that was a lot of fun, and stayed until late, and also little Sarah came in around midnight, and brought an entourage, like Alex, Tom, and Nico. Both Tom and Nico sang - in fact, Nico started an envelope.

Sarah had much fun showing off her cape and corset.

The drama for the evening was the phone call I received from Paula on the way to the bar. For those that don't know, I won't be doing a show this Sunday - there's a Latin tea dance and drag show. I learned about it because timenchanter saw the flyers.

Suddenly, at 7:30pm yesterday, it became imperative that this be put on the website. I was out of it enough to say I'd do it from the bar.

Not so much. I certainly wasn't going to take time out of a late setup, and while the show wasn't exactly a rush of activity, composing changes for the site takes a tad more concentration than I was able to extract.

Paula, of course, was in a panic about this, and so called my phone three times, Timmie once, and the bar phone once to be passed to me - I didn't talk, because I couldn't hear. I texted her at one point, which probably just increased the panic level, since she doesn't know what to do with those.

I eventually put something more or less correct up this morning about 5:00am, and just left a message for her, basically saying that if they want pretty images, they should email them to me.

Only at KoC are you expected to do extra work for something that takes income away from you...

The only other excitement was only apparent to me - I used my new Li-ion 9v batteries in the yellow mic last night. More correctly, and this is the exciting part, I used a new Li-ion battery. I didn't have to change it all evening, and the mic still claimed it had a good voltage level when I shut down.

This is sooo cool, especially since the batteries charge in about an hour. One of the issues I've been having lately with my NiMH ones, apart from the whole "having to change them twice a night" bit, is that as they age, they've been taking up to 4 hours to charge. This gets... inconvenient.

The new ones are expensive ($16-$18, plus shipping), but they look like they're worth it - and now I've paid for the $34 charger.

So after I got home last night, I delved into the depths of the rack, removed one of my old chargers, and replaced it with the new, Li-ion specific one. That took the usual huge amounts of time, because the interior of that thing is a Chinese puzzle box with cables.

I think I got to bed around 9:30am, and woke up again at 1:00pm or so. Not quite feeling like going back to bed, yet. A new toner cartridge arrived today, so I'm printing out some new books.

What with all the extra activity, the wear and tear on the books has gone up considerably. I've got several missing covers, and quite a bit of water damage.

It would still be good if I could get some shopping done, too...

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