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Sunday afternoon, I was supposed to go visit my parents, because I hadn't seen them in ages.

Against all likelihoods, I actually did this. To make things more realistic, I arrived at 2:30pm, instead of noon. There followed an afternoon of chitchat and brie.

From there I went directly to the bar for a pleasant little show. synkitty was there on time, but it took a while for anyone else to show up - the anyone else being the lovely megnc86, who brought her friends Robert and Phoebe.

After that, we picked up a bit, with a rare spawrhawk sighting, a bit of Honey, supersniffles, a touch of h2ocrazyguy, a cute little couple (Andrew & Yuki), the elder Mark, some stuberyl, a bit of moonshae (and bluize, though she didn't sing), a fair chunk of lucydogstringer, and a brief appearance by a tipsy J.

That was the roster for the night, all 10 rotations of it. A pleasant little time, with a pleasant group of people, and enough income for the bar to make it worth keeping the place open.

For whatever reason (not sleeping in the afternoon is a likely culprit), I was exhausted when I got to the bar. So the night was spend imbibing Rockstar. At least until 1:40am or so, when it started making me nauseous. So I forewent April's, grabbed some McD's takeout (their hamburgers settle my stomach - go figure), and went home to sleep.

Most of the day Monday was spent on that particular activity. I felt muuuuch better for Monday's show.

Which is good, because Monday was the Cindi birthday bash of pinkness. tychobrahe even showed up! And sang! Even one song that wasn't Bublé!

We weren't exactly crowded, but we had enough people to make the place a party. timenchanter bought a bunch of pink balloons and a helium canister, and transformed the color of the bar. Synthia brought pink food. The elder Mark brought another cake.

I, um, did the karaoke thing.

There were Kathy and David J, who left early (he said he wasn't feeling well - hope he's OK. They might just have been sickened by the 17 person rotation). David T brought sailorv61, who was there to sing and show off her new boyfriend. There were several hours of June, not to mention Albert, drewkitty, kshandra, Andrew S, some moahb, kizmet100, snafflekid, and Steven.

Plus the non-singing people, like maiandra, firestrike, and foxypinkninja. Nice little group. The bar income for the weekend ended up right on the average for this year, which is to say 20% down from target. But then, I made a tidy little sum in tips.

And either way, it was 8 rotations of fun. I definitely had an excellent time. For one thing, Synthia had declared that, no matter what, she wasn't going to lose her composure. She succeeded admirably, despite all efforts.

It was brought to my attention that Chase Masterson (or at least her agent) (Hi guys!) was upset about my representation of their behavior in this post, specifically the word "blabbed."

Sigh. Despite the occasional appearance to the contrary, I really don't like to make people upset. On the one hand, given how I felt at the time, what I said was more than charitable, especially since they seriously cut into our setup time (which was thoughtless, to say the least). On the other, there was actually a nice little group of people that had watched the movie, and was still there asking questions.

Not that the answers were, ummm, particularly short-winded...

There's always a balance to be struck in these things. This was an advertising opportunity, and they wanted to make the most of it. But then there's that whole "being a good citizen" thing. The usual behavior, once one's assigned time has elapsed (15 minutes, as it turns out), is to suggest that those interested adjourn to another location (say, the lobby bar), where the discussion can be continued. This allows one to charm people at close range for an indefinite amount of time and lets the con continue on schedule.

Just sayin'.

Anyway. Back at Monday...

After shutdown, I eventually joined the Denny's party, already in progress, after a futile exercise in trying to do a favor that had been prearranged, but that I was apparently supposed to ignore, because it hadn't been reverified. Or something.

Too bad I'm from that silly school of thought that believes you should actually cancel things you decide not to do...

Then home, and a nice dose of sleep.

I again didn't bother badgering Dev into a Tuesday show, so I had the day free.

I spent a major part of it playing Peggle (and I reiterate: Damn you, trivialt!), and ordering discs. I had all that money from Saturday, after all.

I ended up flaking on a planned Costco trip, which is why there's an emergency box of kleenex in the bathroom.

I eventually got ready for the day around 7:00pm, and went out to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory with Kirsten. One sandwich and a "cup" of soup later, I was in serious pain.

I just can't take that volume of food anymore.

So the rest of the night, and a good part of the morning, was spent recovering from dinner. Whee!

Which means I'm kinda tired right now. Hopefully I'll nap a bit before getting ready for the trek up to the Cat Club...

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