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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
As Normal As It Gets

So, starting back on Monday, May 25th. foxypinkninja, Her Namelessness, and myself managed to get out of the room just before checkout time, and The Unnamed and I got our stuff into the car using only two runs.

The rest of the day was relatively calm. I got myself a new license plate frame for whatever car I end up getting, since the old rear frame is no more. We had lunch.

Things are a little hazy (it's been over a week, after all), but I believe I dropped the One With Unrealistic Expectations of Privacy back at her mom's place, came home, loaded up, and headed off to the bar for a fabulous evening.

And it was, in fact, a reasonably fabulous evening. Richard T. brought in a nice little group including Julie, Stacey came by with Miki, Kathy & David J sang three songs each, there was Andrew, and even a little bit of Honey and Joni. Very nice for a Monday - and since Mark was there, my tips were very nice. The bar did... OK. I did just fine.

So 16 individual singers, and 7 rotations. Not too shabby.

Tuesday was another night at Dev's place, which was much fun - it was named as my birthday party. They even got me both a lemon meringue and a coconut cream pie as birthday, uh, cakes. Not a lot of people, which wasn't too surprising - not only was it the day after Con, but it was Memorial Day week. A lot of people were elsewhere.

I don't have the chart, but I seem to remember we had something like 9 singers, and went for 7 or 8 rotations. We closed down around 12:30am, which was fine by me - I was running on rather minimal amounts of sleep.

Wednesday I had no show (which of course I only verified after calling Cher in the afternoon), but the day was spent doing stuff with She Who Is Not To Be Identified. What, I really don't remember at this point.

We apparently went to Chevy's somewhere in there.

Thursday during the day was fun, if slightly sleep-deprived. I got Herself to job training around 10:00am, hung out in the afternoon, then had dinner with her and tankgirl at the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was interesting seeing them meet.

The Thursday show was very very nice, if now a little vague in my memory. Albert was there, having fun teasing synkitty. We had a nice bit of megnc86, some snafflekid, a touch of justnate, some Aaron, and whole cast of people - there were 31 individual singers for the night (and 6 rotations). Marissa got Eddie and Shawn out of the house again, and this time brought her girlfriend, Ashley, who had an enormously fun time being a cute blonde drunk.

I haven't had a drunk girl braid my hair in quite some time.

Friday during the day was relatively relaxed - I met She Who Is Obscure at El Chalateco on S 10th for pupusas and other Salvadorian treats, and then settled in to prepping for Danny's party on Saturday.

Danny, in fact, had been in on Thursday to pay me, and get me four CDs of music for the party.

And that all will be continued on the next rock.

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Are you expecting anyone other than me to get that last joke?

Continued on next rock? I didn't really expect anyone to get the reference. Most people don't know that Twain poem...

...then I may be misremembering it. (And of course, now my traitorous brain is refusing to tell me WHY I recognize that particular phrase, and nothing on a basic Google search is sounding right. Sigh.)

I'm not having much luck digging up anything meself, but I've used that phrase off and on since hearing the Twain poem, which is basically a declaration that if the lady disagreeing with him is correct, he'll gladly admit it in the afterlife.

And if he is correct, she won't have to, because there is no afterlife...

Hey now! I just want to point out that *I* was the reason Julie and co was there, not Richard. Richard was just the chauffeur. ;)

Hoping I can make it out to karaoke next Thursday after the move from hell is over with this weekend.

I credited Richard, because he told me Saturday he'd be "bringing a group" on Monday. Interesting...

Liar liar pants on fire! Well okay, technically he did bring them, but Julie is my best friend from Seattle so last time she came down and I brought her to KoC she fell in love with the place (and your song list) and wanted to do it again for our get together. She actually wants to try and hire you to do a gig at Kublacon next year. :)

Julie is one hell of a lot of fun - it was great seeing her again.

I'd happily do a gig for her, though I suspect there may be a bit of a tug of war - how many local Memorial Day weekend cons are there?!?

Yes she is. :)

Yeah no shit! It's effin ridiculous! Well at least you don't have to worry about it for at least 6 months or so. :)