Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Con Job

I am going to post, dammit!

I haven't pressed Dev for a show tonight, so I have this Tuesday off. There are quite a number of productive things I should be doing, but rather than that, I just finished a marathon round of Peggle (damn you, trivialt!), and am going to try to catch up.

I left off just before Sunday, May 24th. The day of the Tempest concert. That was... an experience, fortunately made possible by a very large cast of people, and some preparation.

We were supposed to start setting up at 1:00pm. Chase Masterson finished her movie screening at about 1:30pm, and then blabbed about it until nearly 2:30pm...

foxypinkninja had gone on about not needing all that time. We really weren't fully set up when the band showed up promptly at 4:00pm. But we made do.

I still want to kill Lief (the lead singer). Our equipment was an interesting mishmash of, well, stuff, including some of mine. They wanted 5 individual monitor mixes, from 5 individual monitors. I figured out how to do that with the equipment at hand (my real contribution to the evening), and made the huge mistake of setting one of my speakers in front of him as a monitor. My speakers being the most powerful ones in the room.

But there was already a nice setup for the room sound, and we needed monitors.

The issue, and it was a large one, is that after 20 years of touring, Lief is functionally deaf. Once we got his monitor loud enough to make him happy, it was one of the main sound sources in the room, and was able to produce feedback in nearby vocal mics, even though they were pointed the other way. We spent the whole show fighting with that. In fact, after the initial sound check, Rob (I think his name was Rob - or was it Richard? Anyway, someone with enough knowledge to actually do the job I was supposed to be doing), suggested putting a spare equalizer channel just on Lief's monitor. It helped.

Of course, there was much other stuff as well, such as the panic attack I had when trying to run the sound check. The board we were using not only had no way of running a meter from a channel, it had absolutely no way of soloing the sound from a channel through the headphones. So running a sound check was done by hearing the sound in the room.

Which was heavily affected by the instrument amplifiers already in place. I tried to set a couple of things, decided I had no idea how to do what I was supposed to be doing, and almost bodily set Elly down in front of the board.

Then there was Siladi, who was being, well, Siladi. While Lief wanted his monitor loud enough to vibrate his face off, Siladi was upset about how loud things were in the room. Which were that loud because (1) it's a friggin' rock band, and (2) we needed to try to fill in the sound of the rest of the band over Lief's monitor.

Not to mention grabbing one of the mics for a charity auction that I, at least, hadn't been told about (during the intermission), and getting extremely pissy that taking it in front of the front set of speakers caused feedback.

Not that I'm bitter.

Anyway, despite panic attacks, equipment issues, and three different shifts of people working the board (Rob, Elly, and myself (fortunately with Jeff Lo kibbitzing)), the crowd, at least, seemed pretty happy with the result.

Definitely a learning experience.

The concert was over at, I think, 10:00pm, and we all spent until midnight or so separating all of the pieces of equipment back out, and then getting everything back into its respective resting place.

Then I drove home to drop some of it off, since a fair amount of luggage needed to go in the back seat the next day.

After which I headed over to the lobby bar to hang out with kshandra and supersniffles, have a drink or two, and eat extremely overpriced Hyatt late-night food.

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