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Much Better

Pretty much slept all day - I'm at that stage of recovery that puts mild pressure in the sinuses, and that always puts me to sleep.

I got up long enough to pick up Mena's friends Christina and Gretchen from the light rail, so they could help her clean up her room.

Got myself together just a little late for the show - in fact I got there at 8:01 or so. I got the show underway by about 8:25.

Tonight was a huge contrast to Sunday. While I wouldn't say the place was crowded, it was actually busy, which is more than I can hope for on a Monday. Since it was suicide night, that kept me pretty busy. I must have been doing something somewhat right, because I got remarkably few skips.

About halfway through the night, supersniffles showed up with kalidream in tow. I hadn't seen Melissa for a while, and this is the first time I've actually been able to really talk to her.

In fact, I gave her a ride back to her place - she's staying with justnate right now. He was spending the night singing at The Office Bar, and in fact he showed up shortly after I parked at his place. So I got to schmooze a little with Nate as well.

I felt the desire for something a little more nutritious than burgers, so I've just finished dinner at Carrow's.

All in all a quite pleasant night.

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