Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Another Week, Part 1

So another week has gone by in which I've been too frikkin' busy to post.

But looking back...

Thursday afternoon turned into a nice little mass of excitement, as I and She With No Income rescued the remainder of her possessions from her storage unit, and transported them back to her mom's place, with the aid of Falkor (thank you, trivialt!).

Once I had the equipment and vehicles sorted out, I made it to the bar for what turned into a very nice show - certainly a very busy one. 38 individual singers, four rotations total, and a certain amount of bitching about the wait. Not that that wasn't understandable.

Standouts were the Kristin group (the most vocally unhappy about the wait), megnc86, tankgirl, Honey, ajayav, writenwrong, dionuse, Eddie, and Shawn.

Friday was the start of Con. Getting everything there took two trips, one for the equipment, and one for the luggage. The second trip was apparently one too many for The Mother Of The Nameless, who apparently flew into a jealous rage during the five minutes I was idling in front of the building. That family takes the fun right out of dysfunctional...

Settling in was relatively uneventful, apart from being unable to find badges, and the printer and laminator both packing up as we waited for the new ones to be printed. But we were in no hurry, so, like, whatever.

Eventually I got my Guest badge, and She got her GoG badge, and then I started trying to set up for the show that evening.

The first bit of excitement was running the video line to the sushi bar TV. Actually, running the line was fine. Having the chef tell me there was no way I was starting karaoke at 9:00pm was a different matter. Not that he really had much say, but he tried anyway.

Then there was the aerobic workout. Turns out it's not easy getting equipment from the 11th floor to the lobby at 8:00pm on the first day of con. Running the remaining stuff from the car in the parking structure wasn't so trivial, either.

By the time I had everything set up, I was drenched in sweat, with no time to change. Apart from that, the show went extremely well, even if we never figured out how to get the sushi bar TV to turn on.

The show was, in fact, much more of a success than I expected. I played for three hours before the restaurant manager pulled the plug (almost literally. As far as we can tell, he just wanted to go home, since there was still quite a crowd buying drinks). During that time, I got 41 people up to sing, meaning I was a mere 13 people short of finishing the first rotation.

I think the highlight of the evening was the guy singing Only the Good Die Young to a mass of catholic schoolgirls.

And then shutdown, which was about as much fun as setup. What with the distance to the car (and the fact that I took a break to cut slips in the middle), it was 2:30am before I was finished. At which time I met up with Megan and Chris, who very nicely took me out to IHOP for supper breakfast food. I even stayed conscious during a large part of the meal.

Saturday afternoon was spent wandering around, enjoying the con, and schmoozing. Around 5:30pm I saddled up and headed over the hills to Camp Campbell, where I had another fun little show. I was only supposed to run for two hours (their funds are limited), but I ran for an extra half hour to get in everyone in the second rotation. It was worth it just for Melissa, who I swear was just barely higher than my knee, and did a wonderful job of Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah.

The tricky part of the evening was making sure the songs stayed ultra-clean. I had to run a few past chargerboy for final judgement.

I've since heard that it was the highest-rated event of the season, or some equivalent hyperbole.

I managed to fight my way through the fog and back to the con by midnight, at which time I made a desultory attempt to cruise the party floor before giving up and going to sleep.

It's time for me to play chauffeur again, so the rest of the week shall have to wait.

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