Bruce (kor27) wrote,

The Rest of the Story

I should be going back to bed, but I really want to catch up with the last two days of no karaoke.

I haven't worked for two days in a row. Well, sorta. It's mildly disturbing.

So, needless to say, Dev didn't have a party Tuesday. He didn't get back to me on the subject until Tuesday afternoon, but I'd kinda already figured it out. There were indications that we'd do next week, but nothing's made it onto his meetup calendar as of yet.

So, instead, I drove She Who Is Carless to a few places, had dinner, hung out, watched a movie or two, that sorta thing.

I did a bit more chauffeuring yesterday, with an added bit of shopping on my part: I'm almost out of gaffer's tape. Well, I was almost out of gaffer's tape. We went to Guitar Showcase, to find they only had red and yellow (but I got some console tape for Sunday). The funny thing was running into Albert in the store, who was there buying various pieces of equipment for Sunday.

I introduced him to The Mysterious One, and then we went on to Starving Musician. According to the world's authority at Starving, the only place that stocks it in the South Bay is Guitar Showcase, and I was SOL. He also spouted some rather entertaining BS about the various colors being various heat grades.

Ummm, no.

I then took us to Fry's, not that I thought we'd find any, but because it was an excuse to drop in (Mmmm... Fry's....), then headed over to Musson, where I knew I could find some - I just wasn't sure I wanted to pay their prices. I really kind of felt like heading back over to Starving and gloating...

But instead came back here. mostly for more movies, hanging out, and such.

Because somewhere in there, Cher called to say Julie's would be closed yesterday. She'd meant to tell me on Tuesday, but my business card was at the club. We now have each other's cell #s.

At least I had time for the previous omnibus post.

That was, of course, interrupted by the need to head up to the City at 11:00pm, and talk to Eric and Patrick at the Cat Club. It was an interesting evening, as is almost every evening in that pocket universe we call San Francisco - starting with the political discussion with the guy sleeping in front of the club door.

They want to move Wednesday karaoke down the street to there. Possibly starting next week.

At the very least I'll be doing a benefit show on the 3rd.

Patrick likes to seal a deal with a few shots. For some values of "few." I'm reasonably certain the number was between 5 and 10. Since I was driving back down here, he decided to only give me half-shots after a while. A lot of half-shots.

We killed at least half the bottle of Hennessy.

We left around 1:00am, and obviously didn't just drive home. I had trouble finding the sidewalk.

Instead, we walked down to the apartment of the cousin of She Who Has Many Connections, with the intention of hanging out for at least a while (I had to move the car by 4:00am). He didn't come home, but we instead ended up talking to Chris, the guy who uses the basement as a tool shop.

I'm pretty certain Chris would have been entertaining sober, too. One of those fascinating ADD guys that has to talk continuously, but always has something to say.

We left there around 3:00am, wandered back to the car (I could find the sidewalk by that time), and then carefully drove down the peninsula to April's.

And then some more careful driving down to the Duplex, and some sweet, sweet oblivion.

I'm drinking a lot of water today.

And now, ze nap.

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