Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Still Alive

This has been quite a week.

Hell, it must have been. This is the longest I've gone without a journal post since I started this blog. But at least I have the time right now to work on it, because I'm not doing a show at Julie's tonight.

Given they're closing, and under less than friendly circumstances, I'm not amazed. What is astounding is that this time, they told me not to show up before I'd driven up there.

It's been rather comforting that so far I've gotten two phone calls from patrons asking where I am. Of course, today seems to have been the day for phone calls, anyway. So far I've received 13, which is more than I'd gotten in the 3 previous days.

So. Last Wednesday. I was late to Julie's again, for reasons that I'm sure seemed good at the time. I was only half an hour late driving up there, but parking was more nightmarish than usual, and took near another half hour of cycling through the usual streets.

This was in part due to another Young Democrat meeting. None of them hung out to sing, probably because I was so frikkin' late.

Still, a reasonably busy night. Not only did we have the return of the Joshua and Grace group, but also Scot Free, and a group of entertaining musicians (George/Jorge, Kona, and Eliot), and what I think were some friends of theirs. And, of course, jannypanlj. I really should have figured out how to contact her about tonight, but it's been a frazzling day.

Not that that's an excuse.

Anyway, 7 rotations of fun, slightly better bar income than the previous week, and a very nice crop of tips.

I'm sure something happened during the day Thursday. Really. But at least I have the chart for the show. And it was quite an evening - the bar made almost twice target, which was a nice change from the previous two weeks.

Too many cool people to list - I had a total of 33 singers for the night (in 5 rotations) - but in the unusual category, we had Denise and Elana, who brought their friends Crystal and Gabby, and also synkitty, Albert, jasonmagick and his friend Nadia (that I should have talked to. Hot...), Honey, snafflekid, Rick (there all night, sadly not for the best of reasons), trivialt, Matt H (there, I gather, for his birthday), and Kellen.

We also had a huge influx of deadheads, apparently staying at the hotel and invading the nearest bar. Mostly cool people, though there was a certain amount of douchebaggery involved. They had a fair amount to do with the night's income, though it would have been a good night without them.

Synthia brought a giant mass of cookies for my birthday, and then paid for my Denny's afterward. 'Twas sweet.

foxypinkninja ran my tip jar around 3 times, and managed to accumulate an impressive amount of cash.

I believe Denny's that night was Synthia (obviously), timenchanter, supersniffles, and myself.

Friday was a somewhat odd day - I was on call for Steve's show up at Mariner's point, in case Mary decided to pick that day to go into labor. After not hearing from him, I ended up heading there, with Sean coming separately with She Whose Name Is Shrouded In Darkness.

I actually started late, because I bought, downloaded, and assimilated a bunch of songs just in case. Well, I only needed to be sure to have one, but the other 47 were just sitting there...

Everything turned out to be copacetic, and I simply hung out for the night, singing a series of songs, some of them even on key.

Then home and that sleep thing.

Saturday I was again on call, this time for a party at Stanford. I went and visited the 'rents anyway, which turned out to be fine - Mary decided to opt for Sunday. By all accounts little Olivia is doing well.

The most exciting part of the evening was discovering a huge backup on 17, turning around, and taking Skyline to the 9, and down through Saratoga. Thrills a minute, y'know?

Sunday's show was much fun, and did quite nicely. We had 16 singers, including megnc86, Synthia, rue_gingertabby, Kendall (for one suicided song. I'm afraid I may have disturbed him), Aaron, lucydogstringer, and Kellen in a very nicely revealing pirate outfit.

The big surprise of the night was seeing lilminxdynasty, who came in with her beau Billy. I had the privilege of coaching her through First of May.

Denny's this time was simply myself and Synthia, at one of the usual free Bruce therapy sessions.

The Monday daytime was mostly spent finishing off the whole deal with the insurance. The saga had actually come to a head on Friday - my company had decided to hand the whole thing to Scott's company, which came out, looked at my car, and valued it at $750.

Monday, I managed to finish getting everything settled through my company, which will be sending me $974 on top of the $1,000 Scott's insurance is sending me for the deductible.

In other news, Scott's insurance has a much better idea of the worth of the vehicle. I'm actually getting more for it as junk than I originally paid for it - and I'm keeping the vehicle, and junking it myself (which will net me a smidge more).

Monday night was slightly slower than Sunday, but considerably more in the income department (we ended up something like 8 bucks below target for the weekend). Also rather high on the tip side of things, because the elder Mark threw a whole buncha money in the jar. I can deal.

Rusty and Don came out, which they do every 6 months or so. kshandra was there with eleri. Some more synkitty, yet more Albert, some kizmet100, a new couple (Ed & Martha), and Cindi.

13 singers, and 9 rotations.

Denny's afterward was one of the first big after-parties we've had in quite a while, with Kirsten, Eleri, Cindi, Synthia, Timmie, Elly, Maggie, and myself.

And that will have to do for now - I'll finish up Tuesday and today later. I need to go up to the City and talk to the owner of the Cat club about doing a show there.

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