Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Fun Times

Monday evening...

Monday was a fun little night, and, for a Monday, quite busy. Hex, Kellen, and Keni came back (early this time - well, early for Hex and Kellen), and also convinced their friend Sunny to come out. Sunny was into showtunes - she'll fit right in.

This also meant we had James and Dan, the straight boys from around the corner.

Add in a second visit in a row by jorgitoelcubano, and not only was there much fun, but sales were very nice - we actually beat target for the weekend by a little bit.

We also had the elder Mark, some trivialt, Albert, bluize and moonshae, supersniffles, kizmet100, and the usual 1 song appearance by Carol.

Seventeen individual singers, and 8 rotations. Much singing, much laughing, and an entertaining succession of different drinks for yours truly - with no headaches this time.

I was tipped a remarkable amount of money - well, a remarkable amount of money for KoC - and had a great time with great people. There are reasons why I like this job.

timenchanter and I did the chez April thing, where he had to admit it was my turn to pay.

Then home, and sleep somewhere in there.

Tuesday was a little fragmented because of the appraiser, who told me he planned to get there between 11:30am and noon, and actually showed up at 11:00am. Ugh. I didn't really get back to sleep until 3:00pm or so, largely because I was spending my time looking at car ads. Frankly, the economy just isn't bad enough yet.

Besides, do I really want to drive a Daewoo Nubira? Can you even get Daewoo parts anymore? Not that this isn't a valid question about Ford...

A couple of hours' more sleep, some emergency last-minute slip cutting (oops), a non-dribbling shower (thanks to Timmie and the landlord), and a late rush down to Dev's place.

Thanks to some frantic setting up (and the fact that I'm used to the place now), I was ready to go by about 8:10pm.

So of course, the people we had showed up around 9ish.

It was possibly the slowest night I've had there, to all appearances because most people were sick - there were a lot of last-minute cancellations. In fact, the singers for the night were Dev, myself, Sean, Steve, Holly, and Gia. Kind of the hard core of the group.

So hardcore, in fact, that they all stuck it out for every one of the 11 rotations. We actually had a hell of a lot of fun, which is why I don't feel too guilty about Dev giving me all of the minimal take.

Actually, I don't feel guilty in the least. I just know he's going to bitch about it later.

I closed down around 12:50am, and then took my sweet time closing up, partly because I ended up in another one of the eternal conversations with Sean. I think it was around 2:30am when I dropped by the Cardinal for sustenance.

One Monte Cristo later I headed home, and slept.

I should do some more of that. I have a couple of calls to make (apparently my insurance has now decided that the other company will handle it all, and has closed the claim. Meanwhile, the other company hasn't gotten back to me with contact info), and some write-up for Baycon that's rather late at this point.

And, oh yeah, the taxes I haven't even looked at for several weeks. Sigh.

But at least my new power cords have arrived! The sad thing is that I'm actually excited. My speakers, like most powered devices, have IEC C13 jacks. They came with power cords, but of course, not extremely long ones. I bought a couple of 50' extension cords to use with those, but that means that there's this plug partway down the way, which gets caught on things.

I even lost one of the power cords once, apparently at Julie's. No idea what happened to it.

But it turns out that good ol' HOSA makes a 50' IEC cord. I now own two, and they should make my life considerably easier.

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