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Bruce [userpic]
That Was Fast

A come-on for AARP membership came in today's mail.

I'm takin' my over-the-hill ass back to bed.

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Thank you, dear!

Though in point of fact, I did just turn old enough for the AARP. They only require five decades of survival to qualify.

shoot, I've been getting those for decades, and it's not because my grandpa was high up in the organization.
It's because I've been a member of the auto club since the year I was born, or so say the grandfathered records that they share around.

Interesting. Well, this is the first time I've gotten anything from them, and it got here the day after I was old enough to join.

I also have gotten numerous mailings from AARP to join. Seems they have my birth year just a few years off.

I'm getting the impression I'm the only person they've gotten right...

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

True dat. I far, far prefer it to the alternative.

Actually, I have no problem with age whatsoever. I think age is a wonderful thing - it means you've had more time to think about and experience things.

It's that whole damn decrepitude thing that's the real bother.

Not over the hill...just experienced.


Tell my joints that...

Re: Heh

I thought I just did??? However if you are talking about joints then yours and mine ought to have a conversation.

Arthritis hits us young-uns too...(hit me in my early 20's).