Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Just Keep Runnin'

Sunday afternoon continued along. She Who Hates Being Mentioned biked back off home, foxypinkninja and I both took dribbling showers, since the hot water is presently only available in, well, dribbles, then I packed her in my car with the equipment, and we headed off to the bar.

Where I proceeded to dragoon her into repairing the sub. Turned out that while one of our cable solder joints was, in fact, terrible, the serious problem was that a transformer inside the sub had fallen loose (the cable tie holding it on had snapped), and one of its leads had broken in the process.

It works now. Well, at least it worked then. Some of the things that go wrong with the sound system in that bar look suspiciously like sabotage, so I never know what'll fail.

But then, the thought that someone would be determined enough to unscrew a panel, clip a cable tie and a wire, then put the panel back on? Kinda on the unlikely side.

I finally got around to telling Paula that I won't be available the Sunday for Memorial Day weekend - she'll get back to me on whether Julz would be available that day. If not, I'm going to have to look for someone else.

Meanwhile, I was set up, and ready to go, by about 8:30pm. Late, but then, the first customer to walk in (rickshaw) showed up around 9ish.

It was a slow night, though a really great group. Apart from Rick-o, there were moahb, trivialt, supersniffles, jorgitoelcubano, writenwrong, and justnate. Though not all at once.

Since the 10th rotation, by some miracle, started at almost precisely midnight, I prepared to sing Birthday - but not before the room preempted me with Happy Birthday and This is Your Birthday Song. It was truly awwwwwww-inducing.

I also got a call from turn2nz and the NZ clan, which was super special awesome.

So, anyway, I had a really great time - all 14 rotations of it. The bar even did OK, mostly because of Jorge, and also some group that showed up at 1:40am, bought a huge amount of alcohol, acted kind of like asses, then left.

Of course, physically, I can't say I was feeling my best. I still had sore muscles everywhere from the accident, felt very tired (likely from the sore muscles), and didn't really deal well with the drinks Jorge sent me. They were yummy, though.

By the end of the show I had more than a bit of a headache.

Shutdown was reasonably rapid (not a huge amount to do, after all), then Paul, Elly, timenchanter, and I met at Denny's, which was an experience. To all appearances, a Dead concert had just gotten out. I haven't seen that much tie-dye and dreads in quite a while.

Quite honestly, I probably should have just gone home. I consumed as much liquid as I could, which helped, but I was still kinda nauseous when the food arrived an hour later (it was that busy). I nibbled at my nachos.

I was so tired when I got home that I didn't even open the laptop, which is frankly unheard-of. I just popped some ibuprofen, and fell into bed.

And of course woke up in the morning today. Again. Not without various reasons. My insurance company called, as did Scott's. I theoretically should have to pay nothing. Though I suspect this means they'll eventually reimburse me in full, while I'll need to cover the repair cost myself.

Which may or may not be doable.

There was also a suggestion of lunch from lady_morgana71, which unfortunately wasn't handled until well after the lunch hour, and the usual various communication bits.

I've now officially failed at getting back to sleep, so I'm about to hit the dribbling thing we call a shower, and try to look ready for the day. Evening. Whatever.

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