Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Le Tired

This running ragged thing is running me ragged. But... must... update...

I left off Thursday afternoon. If I remember properly, I took She Who Name Is A Vacuum to a job interview, dropped her off at home (I believe Taco Bell was involved), and then, since I was out, bought some paper and changed my oil.

Exciting, no?

For real thrills, I then settled into printing some books. I managed to get three printed and bound before it was time to get to the show.

Thursday's show was, well, kinda slow. I'm gonna blame Star Trek, because I can. Still more profitable than last Thursday.

We had a total of 17 singers, but all at different times, which is why we ran for 9 rotations. The list included kizmet100, ajayav, Albert, Mikey H, Richard & Alex, celticnoor (great to see her, but she had a headache, and left early), the elder Mark, lucydogstringer, James (first time. He lives around the corner, and while he noticed gay men, I don't think has quite figured things out), supersniffles, and then...

Hex, Kellen, and Keni. As I understand it, a large proportion of the evening's income can be attributed to them and James.

Hex is, well, Hex. Kellen is a blast as always. And Keni was not only nice but OMG hot (not just hot, OMG hot).

The night definitely had its positives.

Some Denny's with timenchanter, then home, where I didn't unload the equipment because my printing stuff was everywhere. In fact I stayed up binding in order to get some of the stuff off my bed.

Friday morning She Without Motorized Transport called to ask if I could get her to work (yes, the interview paid off). I unloaded the car (onto the side of my bed), got her there, then instead of sleeping, came back and did more work on the books. The original idea had been to do a printing of 4 pairs, but I was having so much, um, "fun," that I decided to do another pair.

Which of course went less smoothly. Shoulda known better. But at least I was able to throw out another pair of older books.

She Who Now Works Up The Road called after work (which was only a couple of hours), and went and picked her up as she was walking barefoot down Old Oakland Road (the high heels were an issue), got her changed at her mom's, grabbed some Sweet Tomatoes, and then back to the Duplex for the evening.

Though I took off to go to the combined birthday dinner my parents were giving at the traditional Masion du Café. That was pleasant - just myself, my parents, my cousing Beth, and her husband Vee. My parents gave me another $1,000 check, which was both very nice and kinda mortifying. They're really not that rich - and they'd supposedly given me a birthday check early to help with my taxes in February.

I of course deposited it on the way home. Disturbing or not, it spends.

One very pleasant dinner later, I headed home to She Who Watches Movies. It was a nice night.

Though I need to actually watch Breakfast on Pluto.

Saturday I got She Who Is Eating Elly's Fettuccine (which is, BTW, delicious) back to her Mom's, then came back, prepped, and started on my way to the Baycon meeting. The meeting was interesting.

More, um, "entertaining" was the drive there. I had a car in front of me hit its brake lights, stomped on mine, and managed to barely avoid hitting it.

Scott, Timmie's, um, whatever he is, was unfortunately right behind me, and not so lucky.

My bumper's only partly attached. Scott's car was, again, not so lucky.

I get to meet with an adjuster on Monday. Until then, I need to not spend my money, because I have a $1,000 deductible, and I don't know how much the repairs are gonna cost.

I got home around something like 5:00pm, loaded up the car, and headed out to the Blue Chip for another birthday party. Like the last time, I spent most of the night playing backgrounds, though around 11:30pm (in what was supposed to be an 8:00pm to midnight show), people suddenly got drunk enough to sing.

And these guys were really drunk.

I stopped around 1:00am, when they were getting mostly too drunk to stand and hold a mic.

Hey, they paid me extra. They're also talking about possibly doing karaoke on a permanent basis,, once they get the licensing. That would make for a nice little Friday venue.

I burned off a little more clutch getting out of the loading dock (gotta learn to back into that place), and headed home to collapse.

Today I got up waaay too early (noon), and am still trying to figure out what's going on with my day. She Who Is Not To Be Mentioned biked over here, and she & Elly are watching Starsky & Hutch in the living room.

Well, so was I, but I wanted the concentration to finish this post. I'll be back out there shortly.

Sleep would be good, but I don't think any more of that is happening today.

Oh, and after planning for a complete Baycon weekend, chargerboy just offered me a gig that Saturday. Not only can I not afford to turn down money, but it's a new group, and I really can't turn down new groups. But I've offered my equipment for the con to use.

And I really need a vacation. I haven't stayed all weekend at con for over a decade.


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