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I should be sleeping, but I'm awake right now - so I'm gonna take the time to update. When last we left our intrepid white knight (The Nameless Lady has dubbed me "Sir Save-A-Hoe"), I was late for the Sunday show.

Which was much fun. I was, of course, late, and it started out slow. The first 3 rotations were just myself, timenchanter, the returned ajayav, and kizmet100. Rotation 4 added snafflekid into the mix.

Then we gained 12 more people, including Richard & June, Scott & Sarah, nightvzn, supersniffles, Josel, Trankie in full Ruby regalia, Albert, and moahb.

With the usual gradual decay, it pretty much stayed like that until the end of the night, or 5 more rotations. Much with the singing and the cheerfulness and the party. Was very nice.

The bar didn't do too badly, either.

maiandra came out and talked, and I'm now officially one of the BayCon sound gurus. It basically means that not only am I doing the karaoke on Friday night, but I'm also responsible for the sound for the Tempest concert on Sunday - and have my own room for the length of the con.

Needless to say, I'm way out of my depth. Fortunately, foxypinkninja has done the full band sound thing before, and I've managed to glom onto her as an "assistant" (guess who'll be sharing the room?), and so I've been spending quite some time with her on the subject.

All of this is proof that something is wrong with me, since one of the basic tenets by which I've lived my life is "never volunteer for cons"...

So a lot of booth time on Sunday was spent talking to her and Albert about the concert.

There was a Denny's after party, but it's a little fuzzy now - Elly was riding with us, so she was there. I believe we dragooned Cindi into coming as well.

Which brings us to Monday. Monday afternoon I finally got my latest disc order, so that's pretty much what I did for the day. Monday evening was a huge contrast to Sunday.

Slooooowwww. But good people. I ended up running for 16 rotations. We had megnc86, Kim, Trankie (mostly as Wayne. He apparently couldn't find his dress. Aw), bluize, moonshae, supersniffles, and a short appearance by Jorgie.

Not precisely a profitable evening - but hey, I still got to hang with Megan and Cindi!

Timmie and I went and recovered chez April (we were both pretty groggy), then home, where I believe I pretty much just went to sleep.

Much of Tuesday was spent ferrying Her Namelessness around, since she had some tasks that needed doing - some of which were actually accomplished. I dropped her off at her latest joblet around 6:00pm, dropped her luggage off at her mom's (she'd been staying with an aunt), and came home, where I mostly talked stage sound with Elly.

Now, the idea for the evening was that I was going to head up to Purple's Cinco de Mayo party on Castro (Mountain View), and be a potential fill-in, since Mary's due any day now. I started that way around 8:00pm, only to get a call from the Semi-Employed One, asking for a ride home.

She had no cash, and was not exactly close to home. So I messaged Purple to tell me if contractions started, and went off to pick up She Who Overdoes The Privacy Bit.

She got me dinner (food stamps have their uses), then I dropped her off at home, and headed back up to the Purple thing.

He had a nice party going - and most of my Tuesday regulars, which was funny. I mean, most of them already went to Dev's things, but a couple I'm pretty sure we added to the mix with my shows.

Much fun, though I continued to wish he'd learn how to deal with feedback. Ouch.

I tried to be as positive as possible, but I was pretty tired, and finally left around 12:30am. So, of course, when I came home to crash, I instead spent several hours with Elly poring over the details of what we needed for the concert.

And after I supposedly quit that, and was trying to drag myself into bed, I instead spent another hour or so writing up what we had in an email. It took until 5:00am, and absolutely proved my level of masochism.


Wednesday I got a call from the Girl With No Transport at 2:00pm, asking me if I could get her to a 3:30pm interview. I actually managed to get her there only 5 minutes late - and that because she hadn't written down the office number at the park in question.

She offered to again buy me lunch, but I took her out to Chevy's, instead.

Then I dropped her off at home, loaded up (well, put the speakers back in the car), and trekked up to the City.

Interesting night. Not particularly profitable (we did about the same as last week), but loads of fun. Of course, the alcohol is still off the shelves, and the kitchen wasn't open (which lost us one birthday party), so the fact that we made money at all was a miracle.

It was the first Wednesday of the month, so not only did we have jannypanlj, but also kshandra and Anita.

Then we had a couple of songs by Charli, who remembers me from KoC. Seems like a nice guy...

But what really opened the floodgates was Joshua and Grace from last week. They brought their friends, 9 of whom sang - mostly quite well, but always entertainingly. It turns out one of them (Treyvion) had just asked me for some hip-hop through the site at an opportune time, and was thrilled that I'd gotten him his songs.

Actually, it was sort of the night for that, since I'd just gotten the Crowded House disc for Jan, and the mass'o'miscellaneous tracks for Kirsten.

In the middle of all that, Rex came in. I did a little bit of fiddling to make sure he got some priority.

Then the Em group showed up - apparently they know Anita from another club. That added another 8 singers - also fun and enthusiastic. There was much dancing on the shelf between the two parts of the bar.

By all logic, I should have closed down at 1:30am, at the end of the 5th rotation. But Jan and Kiri were still there, Rex had another song in, and Mac's friend Antonio desperately wanted to do She Bangs. I ended up running until about 2:02am, and wasn't cut off because Mac was singing in the last song.

On the sadder hand, one of the groups that had been in before (Eileen, Anna, and Damen) didn't sing at all, because they gave up about one song before I had them scheduled. That made it possible to fit everything else in, but, well, it still sucked.

Ah well.

Shutdown went rapidly, because Jan and Kiri gathered up my books (and counted tips), and then Kiri and George helped me carry stuff to the car.

Then a trip down the peninsula, a somewhat groggy supper with Kirsten at the Mini, and then home, where sleep overtook me in my chair, as I was trying to catch up on the 'net.

At this point, I should just go back to sleep. Something tells me I'll find something else to do. Like maybe print books. What I've got is getting pretty ratty.

I just had a spare toner cartridge delivered today. On the other hand, I just discovered I'm almost out of paper...

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