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I've had a bit of a nap, and I'm sorta stuck awake, so I might as well blather on about the last few days. Or something.

I effectively left off Thursday just before the show. It was... nice. Definitely slow for a Thursday. Though, in the end, while I didn't ask timenchanter, I got the impression that Paula made a bit of money after expenses this week.

The plan had been to get there an hour earlier than I'd need to be, in order to work on the speaker. We managed half an hour early.

And, of course, the speaker job took longer than expected, largely because it turned out the jacks I'd ordered weren't quite the right ones. I'd ordered the solder lug types instead of the PC terminal types (Drawing 1 instead of drawing 2 on this page). I was fortunately able to create extensions from some large-gauge copper wire I just happened to have sitting around.

I don't even know why I had the stuff. Being a packrat does have its occasional uses.

In any case, since I was late, and there was more work, I of course was busy soldering as people came in - in fact, I wasn't done until about 9:00pm. Then the damn thing still didn't work properly - I really need to replace the plug on the cable side, too.

Fortunately, people were cool.

Over the length of the night we had kizmet100, markobellydance (who was ecstatic to get Angels in America back), Honey, Ed (who, it turns out, teaches math at De Anza, and is thrilled to death that I know Calculus - go figure), a couple of new guys (David & Michael), more of the Alex group, the elder Mark, twitchet, the rarest Jason, Terry, justnate, Albert, trivialt, Rebecca (brought by Nate), and supersniffles.

A very nice group, just not exactly a huge one. I stopped playing around 1:50am, after 6 rotations.

Shutdown went relatively rapidly, then Timmie, foxypinkninja and I visited April for food, after which Elly came home with Timmie and I for her couch surfing stint at the Duplex.

A bit of sleep, and then a frantic Friday - there were songs I knew would be wanted at LV's, and kshandra had given me money for others, so I ended up getting 25 songs, mostly requests, and spent the afternoon trying to get everything assimilated before having to run off and set up.

As a matter of fact, I got to LV's at 8:00 instead of 7:00pm, and was almost half an hour late getting started there, as well. Fortunately, they're used to Purple.

For LV's, it was a very, very slow night. Though apparently the money was largely the same - and I still made out like a bandit. It was mostly, in fact, an older crowd doing mostly older songs, which is quite a contrast to Steve's "dance party" bit. Some of the new songs did get sung, because Claudia came in. She'd given me a lot of shit the last time for not having all the latest music like Steve, so I pointed out what I had, and that she was the inspiration for a lot of it.

It was cute. She was thrilled at the attention, and bought me a drink.

By a little after midnight, most everyone had left, except for a few core people, like Forrest, Mark, and Sheelah. They were enough to keep the place open, and we actually had a pretty good time - at a couple of points, LV had a large proportion of the room dancing with her on the bar. I'd have a picture, except for the panicked gestures she started giving when I pulled out the camera...

I ended up playing until about 2:25am, when LV had enough at the end of the 11th rotation. At that point, it turned out that a group that had been in earlier wanted her and Sheelah to come over for a BBQ at 3:00am, and she wanted me shut down immediately, if not sooner.

The length of time it took me to coil cables was excruciating to her.

Fortunately, it wasn't raining, so after I got everything closed up, I enlisted the remaining people in the bar to help me move everything to the patio, and I packed it all in the car after they drove off.

The downside at this point was that I was still just a leel' bit tipsy. So I mapped out the nearest Denny's, and carefully took surface streets there.

It was... a Denny's. One of the nicer older designs, made slightly more surreal by fake lilypads glued to the ceiling.

Then home, and some sleep. I woke up for a bit, put together the latest purchase post, and hit the bed for a couple more hours of sleep - only to immediately get a call from tankgirl, asking if I wanted to hang out.

I was up, clean, and dressed in record time. Angela appears so rarely...

I invited her on my trip to Castro Valley, with a bit of an overshoot to find someplace funky for lunch in Berkeley.

That was fun, especially since I got us lost more times than I can count. We actually had lunch in El Cerrito, and were nearly an hour late to the meeting with Vinnie.

He didn't particular care. He was more worried about my not being available on Thursdays, but he'll consider it.

The place, Dino's, is about what you'd think it would look like. In many ways, it reminded me of Creekside Inn. Vinnie, not so much. At a quick guess, I'd put him at Chinese.

Angela was not thrilled with my negotiation techniques. Can't blame her: They suck.

When we left there, the idea was to head back down the 880 to the Great Mall, see about getting a card for valeriesparks, and maybe have some tea. That would have worked, too, except (1) I couldn't figure out how to get us out of Castro Valley (the freeway signs lie), and (2) I got on the 80, rather than the 880. So we did the Great Mall bit, but only after going through the City and down the peninsula...

Good thing I had excellent company.

Then we headed over to 7 Bamboo for Valerie's birthday party. That was an experience. Mostly a good one, because I got to see Valerie, and Josh, and their families. And I was still hanging out with Angela, which is always a good thing.

Other than that, though, man, what a dive. That place makes KoC look high class - and the drink prices are astronomical. There are also, as I vaguely remember, certain legal issues with charging a dollar a song, unless they've got themselves the right kind of licensing (supposedly one needs to keep song statistics, and pay on a per title basis).

The high tech bells and whistles were cute, including the touch screen song request stations, and the separate rotation display. The fact that the automated queue skipped my song, and it took him 15 minutes to fix the problem, not so cute.

And I'm quite the snob about general sound quality. But I can understand why they keep getting #1 on the Metro polls: They're so connected to the web that they're going to get a ton of "best of" votes from all over the world.

That said, my songs went over great - the huge level of cheap reverb hid the mistakes quite well.

No, I don't have any sour grapes. What are you talking about?

I dropped Angela off at home around 2:00am, then came back to the Duplex, where Elly had bought Brie and baguettes. Quite a bit of om nom nom later, I went to sleep.

Then tried to wake back up today. I was supposed to be at a party for my mom around noon. I made it by about 1:20pm. It was at the adopted family's house, so I got to see Jhumi, and Indrajit, and Sruti, and Arjun, and I also got to eat a whole bunch of nummy Indian food.

If only I'd been conscious enough to notice.

That broke up around 3:30pm, and I came straight home and napped. And now I'm back up, and need to start packing up for the bar. About half an hour ago...

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