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Bruce [userpic]
Yesterday's Songs

I didn't have time yesterday to post the latest song acquisitions, powered in part by kshandra™. No, really - she paid for 2/5 of these, though I'm still not sure why she wanted me to get yet another copy of Weekend in New England.

But then, Manilow fans have always been a mystery to me.

In any case, this was another download order, so the disc display isn't gonna cut it. The new additions are:

ArtistSong TitleTrack #
Blink 182All The Small ThingsSBI-G093-37
Boney MRasputin [duet]SF-MW875-12
Duran DuranElectric BarbarellaSBI-G069-01
Duran DuranCome UndoneSFG-004-13
Duran DuranWhat Happens TomorrowSF-225-15
Elvis(Let Me Be Your) Teddy BearSFG-050-15
Estelle & West, KanyeAmerican Boy [duet]SBI-G178-04
Hendrix, JimiHey JoeSBI-G161-18
Ice CubeIt Was A Good DaySBI-G023-94
Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us ApartSF-MW825-06
Kershaw, NikRiddle, TheSF-MW839-15
Kershaw, NikWide BoySBI-G029-45
Lady GagaPoker FaceSBI-G205-45
Manilow, BarryWhen October GoesSF-MW828-14
Manilow, BarryWeekend In New EnglandSBI-G157-83
Manilow, BarryOne VoiceSF-MW828-08
May, BrianToo Much Love Will Kill YouSBI-G018-85
Nate Dogg & G., WarrenRegulateSBI-G030-59
Perry, KatyHot N ColdSBI-G200-02
Petty, Tom & The HeartbreakersYou Don't Know How It FeelsSF-020-10
Rida, Flo & Ke$haRight Round [duet]SBI-G220-03
Rida, Flo & TimbalandElevator [duet]SBI-G177-89
Shakespear's SisterI Don't CareSBI-G017-17
T.I.Whatever You LikeSBI-G214-87
WeezerUndone - The Sweater SongSBI-G033-30

The track count is now up to 14,336, and the unique songs count is at 10,580. The songs page is updated, new update sheets have been printed, yada yada yada.

I'm supposed to meet with some guy named Vinnie in Castro Valley this afternoon, and I've had minimal sleep, so a full post will have to wait.

Good night.

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...'cause I fail and didn't double-check before I added that to the list?

I'm dating myself, here (or at least how long I've been doing karaoke), because I remember when that track got pulled from subsequent printings of the disc it was on because the rights fell through. (I sang it once, at the OLD just-off-the-freeway location of Ron's Farmhouse, and never saw it again, despite seeing other tracks with the same disc number; I finally wound up asking a KJ somewhere.) Which at least explains in part I'm a little weird about that particular song. The rest, of course, being that I'm just a little weird.

Okay, a lot weird.

Well, I neglected to double-check your request, and didn't notice until I was entering things into the database.

A quick check shows that, yes, what I have marked as Weekend in New England actually is that song.

At least it wasn't a really expensive mistake...

Not gonna comment about weirdness. Pot. Kettle. Choice of standard colors.

I'm supposed to meet with some guy named Vinnie in Castro Valley this afternoon

Good luck with that. I assume it's in a well-lit public area?

It's at an Italian restaurant. What could be safer than that?

It was in a closed-off back room of the club. Well-lit, though.

The great thing is that Vinnie's at least part Chinese...