Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Check List

Pick up the jacks at Jameco: Done.

Talk to Erika at the Hyatt: Done. They want me in a different corner, which is fine. It's actually a better location. I'm waiting to find out if it's OK for me to hijack the sushi bar TV screen. And damn, she's cute.

Put $60 in the bank: Done. I'll probably have to pull it right back out again in the morning, but if it keeps me from being charged, I'll do it.

Talk to the bank about the $5 charge already made: Meh.

Gas up the car: Done. Should have (just barely) enough gas for tonight and tomorrow's trip to Foster City.

Price myself out of another party at the Blue Chip: Done. But then I relented. Damn I'm cheap.

Talk to timenchanter about getting into the bar early: I should do that, shouldn't I? But it means getting out of my chair and walking all the way around the wall...

Cool. He just came to talk to me. Done.

Yep. All indications are that I'm done. Nappy time!

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