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Bruce [userpic]
There's Always Something...

Not too long after my last post, I got myself more-or-less together, and headed up the peninsula. The idea was to drop off at Jameco on the way, grab my doo-dads, then make it to Julie's in time to negotiate with Cher.

First of all, there were two accidents on the way, so I didn't get to Jameco until 5:30pm. Their will-call office closes at 5:00pm.

Second of all, when I reached the bar, Cher was the only person there, and was busily packing away the alcohol. They're having a little problem with their landlord. "Little" in that he raised their rent by 90%, and they can't afford to pay it. If I understand properly, they're at least temporarily going without a liquor license, so he can't put a lien on it.

I'm not sure how that works, but in any case, they're only going to be at that location through the end of May, and they're going to be running crippled. This was not a good time to work at getting a larger slice of the shrinking pie...

I sent Maria a warning, and set up. I'm not known for running away from unprofitable situations, after all.

And, oddly, it wasn't a bad little night. We didn't make a huge amount of money, but I ended up with enough to make it worthwhile - definitely more than last week (Hell, more than Saturday and Sunday combined...). A birthday party came in and kept the kitchen busy, for one thing. The birthday girl, Sarah, was basically the only one in that group that sang.

But then, I could probably rent a hall and sell tickets to hear her. An amazing voice, that one.

We never had a crowd, but we had a nice little party going. The ever-present jannypanlj, for whose presence I'm always grateful, Maria and her Tim, timenchanter for a bit (there was some surprise that we didn't reach Timmie critical mass), Grace and Joshua (a very fun couple of very good singers), and the return of Rex (it's been a month).

We built up to 3 "busy" rotations (roughly 8 people apiece), and then it settled down to myself, Sarah, Jan, and Rex. Jan and I ended up singing 15 songs, Sarah sang 11, and Rex did 8. He was a very happy camper.

In between, I talked to Maria, who obviously wasn't thrilled with the turn of events. She's going to scout around for other potential venues in the City, which works for me. She's, well, honestly, she's flaky as all get-out, but she's a fun party girl, and forward, which is, in the end, all I need. If she can get something started, I can keep it going.

So we'll see.

Also, George is scouting around for other locations. Given the number of clubs being shut down, this shouldn't be that much of a problem (the Cat Club? They pulled the license of the Cat Club?!??). And while they're not the most astute business people ever, George and Cher are good, loyal people. That's worth a lot.

I shut down around 1:00am, because it was down to Jan and myself. We did a few silly songs, because we could (we need to work on If I Had $1,000,000), and then I started tearing everything down. I was on the road by 2:15am, after promising Cher I'd be back next week - multiple times. She doesn't seem to realize I'm the patron saint of lost causes.

I stopped off at Denny's on the way back, and had a fairly nice salad. April tried not to laugh when I told her that only Denny's could make a grilled chicken/pecan/cranberry salad greasy.

Then home, and sleep in reasonably short order.

I've been up for an hour or so, and need to get moving - I need the Jameco parts for tonight, and have that 3:00pm appointment at the Hyatt. I also need to put some money in the bank, and talk to them. I discovered that they charge $5 a month if the sum total of all accounts is under $100 on the last day. Which is fine, I'll do what I can to keep $100 in there. But they charged 3 different savings accounts simultaneously...

And I've had a call from Purple about tomorrow. There are some songs I'm just going to have to have - some are on the latest shipment, but that shipment left Australia on Monday. Well, Sunday, given the date line. The likelihood of them showing up in tomorrow's mail is low. So it'll be download time.

He also pointed out that Tricerasoft now has the SBI library, at a better price. Tomorrow afternoon will be busy.

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If I had a million dollars

I could BUY us all a karaoke bar, with good food, stiff drinks, and a healthy rotation of excellant singers who are fun to be around.

All of the drama sounds just a little hinky to me, although as I said last night, there's some bad stuff going on in the SF club/bar scene.

I was just checking into info on the liquor licenses, but I don't see any status changes for them.


I'm still laughing about Grace singing in two voices for Beauty and the Beast. I was in the bathroom, and I thought Joshua was singing with her, until I came out and saw it was all her.

Re: If I had a million dollars

A million bucks would solve a lot of people's problems, wouldn't it?

I'm already looking forward to being up there on the 7th, if that's any indication.

(And OH, my god - neither of you follow Rachel on Twitter, so you didn't see these last night:

  • my grandpa had a yard mower roll on top of him today. He is on life support. Not looking good. Fuck.
    about 15 hours ago from txt
  • Mom is flying out to milwaukee to pull the plug tomorrow. What a week. Jesus.
    about 14 hours ago from txt

Her updates are locked, so I won't give you her username, but I think she'll understand why I shared these with the two of you.)

Re: If I had a million dollars

Wait - Rachel Rachel? Fuck.

Re: If I had a million dollars

Yeah. (You forgot that conversation she and I had about Twitter during shutdown last month, I guess.) Puts my current distress into a hell of a lot of perspective, that's for sure.

Updated, 5:54pm: He passed away just over an hour ago. She's in my thoughts....

Edited at 2009-05-01 12:55 am (UTC)

Re: If I had a million dollars

I'm not totally sure a million stretches that far these days - but it would make a dandy down payment.

I think they're being... odd... about the liquor license. It sounded like she just put it in the back room, which would keep them from legally selling alcohol, but wouldn't protect the entity from anything.

If they actually dropped the license, as far as I know, they'd have to go through another multi-month waiting period to get a new one, and might not have much luck with that - the number of new ones is strictly limited.

The two voices thing was awesome. I do some of that, but don't have the range to make it that impressive.

*looks at Tricerasoft page*

Oh. My. God.

I'm emailing you money I don't have and a shopping list. :D

Trying. Not. To. Laugh...

Yep, the download offerings are getting rather tasty.

Well, I already found two tracks I was bugging you for, ANYway (including the Sunfly mix of "What Happens Tomorrow," for which the :30 sample is already miles beyond the damn StarDisc)...might just as well make it easier.

Before you get too involved, I should mention that I'm planning to order this disc before Baycon.

Hopefully with the money from tomorrow's party, if it goes reasonably well.

That was on the list, yes. ;-) (And I had the Sunfly edition earmarked, so we're on the same page all the way 'round.) I've got at least $10 worth of stuff picked out without it, anyway.... (Got caught back up in insurance/police/etc. stuff; I'll send it your way shortly.)

I'm waffling between coming up for primal scream therapy tonight and just collapsing; I'll text you if I do head out.

I'm now intensely curious as to what you'd do for primal scream therapy. Bodies isn't exactly your style...

And I didn't know you read Sinfest...

I started following it during the BarackStar/Sarah Piglin storyline, and became a fast convert. (And OMG, Sunday's strip almost made me weep. I know I don't need to tell you how much I empathize with Fuchsia....)

I do love that storyline.

The slow convergence of Slick and 'Nique has been wonderful to watch, too.

I kinda want to get St. Bruce medallions made up. So that I can hand them out to lost causes.

That would be awesome.

Have to think of a design. Sisyphus is hard to work into a medallion format clearly...