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Moon Phase

November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
Small Increments

Monday's show was... odd. Mostly for the simple lack of anyone there. I realize there's ups and downs, but if the weekends continue like this, we might as well just close the bar on Sunday and Monday.

Still, a fun time was had. The players were myself, timenchanter, synkitty, trivialt, lucydogstringer, and supersniffles.

I started around 8:30pm, and we ran for 18 rounds. Stanley only sang for 10 of them, Steven only sang in the last 9, and Cindi only sang in the last 5.

It was a lot of singing - and all suicide for me. I started by doing Strokin' for sparkle_journal (grumble), proceeded to mostly do snafflekid ones from there (Timmie didn't handle Batdance very well), did some saved Steven ones once he came in, and then proceeded to what I think is a k_magic set. I had a lot of saved-up suicide songs. This made quite a dent.

Shutdown was reasonably rapid (not a lot of slips to file, for one thing), and then I spent a large fraction of my earnings having supper with Synthia. We talked until about 4:00am, and then I went home and collapsed.

Tuesday has been a reasonably productive day. I ordered some stuff for the bar, ordered some stuff for my one speaker, handled a few minor things, then went up to the dome to visit and wish my mom a happy birthday.

Most of the evening was spent there. I got back home around 10:30pm, and have been futzing around ever since - mostly catching up on LJ.

I'm considering ordering some more business cards, but I should likely wait until after Friday. I'll hopefully actually have a bit of money left over after the fill-in show up at Mariner's point.

Meanwhile, I should probably respond to an email from the Hyatt. They're getting impatient. And sleep. I really need some of that.

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