Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Another Omnibus

I should, of course, be getting more sleep. I definitely need it. Or work on my taxes, which I've almost forgotten exist.

The sad thing being that there's not all that much left to do. The tricky parts are figuring out how to "shut down" the sales business, and handling the installment tax payments.

Not that tricky.

But anyway. Last Thursday... was another slow night for the bar. Quite a number of cool people (writenwrong, megnc86, mightvzn, trivialt, jasonmagick, dionuse, spawrhawk, supersniffles, Chris, synkitty, Miki, and Anthony), but not precisely a huge crowd. Seven rotations, and after payouts, Paula had nearly nothing left over. Is sad.

Since the stage speakers were half disabled, I brought mine. Worked pretty well, and at least Julz's were down, so I didn't have to set up in front of hers.

The April Denny's experience involved Cindi, timenchanter, Synthia, and myself.

Then home, and some sleep.

Friday I got a phone call around 11:00am from She Who Must Never Be Revealed, saying she was going to be looking for a job at the carnival with her aunt Tina. I ended up meeting them there around 3:30pm, when I finally, y'know, was able to wake up for the day.

There were no openings, by the way. There followed some entertaining peripatetions, which included Sizzler, dropping Tina off at her place way in south San Jo, as well as visiting the Blue Chip to talk to the staff and plan for Saturday's party.

While walking there, we were honked and waved at by a mysterious flash of hot sports car. Turns out that was candiddani.

Got home from that around 7:30pm or so, where we were joined after a bit by Desi, to visit and work on some assignments for an astronomy class. Photographic proof:

A dirty old man's dream: Not only did I have two hot women on my bed, but a mother-daughter combo to boot!

We didn't really get dinner, but the two of them got hungry, so we sauntered on over to the Gas Stop around the corner, where they bought a rather amazing amount of munchies:

There just seemed to be a need for photographic evidence. Besides, it's not a bad composition.

Desi needed to watch a show on astronomy, so I dug up an old Nova, played it for her, and provided some commentary. Then she went home.

The daytime on Saturday was mostly spent watching the first half of Angels in America. That would be the third time I'd seen the first half of that movie.

We got to the Blue Chip later than I would have liked, but in reasonable time to set up. It was a slightly complicated process, since I needed to ferry her down there, then come back, get my speakers, and return.

It did turn into the night of irritating minor damage. I parked in this odd little loading dock area next to the bar (downstairs), and moved everything in from there. Took me a while to get there, though, because some asshole lady right in front of me decided to block the entrance, then run into the building.

And, well, "next to" might be a bit of an exaggeration. "On the same floor," definitely. But also through a maze of cubbies, up a large step, through the kitchen, and to the other end of a rather large facility.

I was trying to roll the speakers there, when after putting everything back on the dolly board (at the top of the step), I ran afoul of a utility cover. One of the speakers fell off, and I managed to both dent the grille on the front and crack off the knob on the setscrew on the back. I'm skilled that way.

When I drove off the car to park it, rather than backing all the way up the ramp, and then out through major foot traffic into major car traffic, I backed and filled it around. I backed up a little too far, and cracked my license plate holder.

Then the plastic cover for the handle for the passenger seat back adjustment lever broke off...

The party itself was relatively uneventful. It was a little odd, because first of all, they were nearly an hour late getting there, then the vast majority really didn't want to sing. It was a birthday party for Ameena (think I've got that right), and most of the 14 or so songs done that night were done by her and her friend Nicole.

Well, and her kids. They were no more than 8 years old, and the boy had to sing Chris Brown. It would have helped if he'd known any of the songs. But he and his sister would grab the mics, jump around, and make sounds while the background was playing.

'Twas painfully cute.

Otherwise, what singers I did manage to get were pretty good. The spontaneously choreographed version of Salt'n'Pepa's Push It was quite impressive.

But most of the night I played background music.

I was supposed to run from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. Around 11:15pm, I walked up to Ameena, and told her that it looked like things had pretty much petered out, so I should probably shut down.

She went into a near panic, and ran around trying to get more people to sing, because I was taking off.

Not really what I meant...

So, anyway, I started closing down around midnight, with She Who Is Diurnal rather groggily helping. I charged them more than the original quote, but nowhere near as much as I could have.

Fun little vignette: While I was setting up, a guy who was awfully familiar, but who I can't quite place (happens to me a lot), leaned over from where he was sitting watching the Sharks game, and said "Are you stalking me?"

What could I do? I cheerfully said "Yes," and kept rolling.

Shutdown involved less overt damage than setup. This time I backed out of the loading dock, leading to a fascinating odor of burning clutch plate. But hey, I haven't had any clutch chatter issues since!

She Who Was Sleepy was not enthusiastic when I reminded her that I needed to get the equipment home first, before coming back to pick her up. Didn't help that, while the drive is pretty short, it was still 1:00am on a downtown Saturday night. The cop cars alone were enough to cause massive traffic issues.

Then home and sleep.

Sunday involved finally watching the last half of Angels in America, which means that, after many years, I can finally return it to markobellydance. It also involved a huge mass of spaghetti that She Who Is Overly Private cooked up.

Then a couple of hours of wrestling with the speaker grille, trying to bend it back out into shape. While I didn't succeed at that, I did manage to lose a bent nail inside the enclosure, and spent most of my time trying to get it back.

As a result I was late to the bar. Fortunately, as Murphy would have it, I didn't need my speakers, because the Jose crew had somewhat repaired the system. Kinda funkily, but at least it sounded decent enough.

Being late didn't matter too much, because I didn't get enough singers to start until something like 8:45pm, anyway. Not an incredibly slow night, but rather lacking on the profit side. Ten rotations, which included appearances by Synthia, Jason, kizmet100, Trankenstein (Ruby's back!), moahb, snafflekid, Rick, Mike W, and Cindi, but also the rare and awesome LisaLisa and hogarthhughes.

And a new girl named Amy. She sang a couple of songs before leaving, and I should have paid more attention to her, but I was up in the booth giving programming lessons to foxypinkninja.

After shutdown I had supper with Synthia, where we talked, and I tried not to fall asleep. I haven't really had time for much of that, lately.

Then home and around five hours of sleep. I need more, but well, life intervenes. For one thing, I need to get ready for an opthamologist's appointment in a couple of hours.

There is no party at Dev's place tomorrow, because he's sick. Which means that making rent will be that much more problematic...

Ah well.

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