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Between the heat, and no longer really having time to sleep, I'm kinda, well, tired. This "party every day" thing gets difficult.

In fact, the only reason I have time to make this post is that the lunch meeting I was supposed to have this afternoon with maiandra fell through (poor thing is sick), so I don't have to worry about getting as much sleep in now as possible.

So. Monday. The lady that was interested in my Alesis showed up, and actually bought the damn thing. After haggling, of course, but this is to be expected for a Craigslist purchase.

Then I decided that the lack of new discs was getting kinda disturbing, so I ordered some from Australia, and, since I needed to print new update sheets anyway (the older ones were getting kinda sticky), I went and ordered some requested ones online that I couldn't find in any other format. These are harder to post than the standard discs, because I just take their index number and massage it into my local format, so there's no single "disc" to display.

The new additions are:
ArtistSong TitleTrack #
Anka, PaulPapaSBI-G037-54
AudioslaveI Am The HighwaySBI-G127-74
Hill, LaurynEx-FactorSBI-G079-07
Notorious B.I.G.JuicySBI-G032-66
Pearl JamWishlistSBI-G203-63
Simon & GarfunkelHazy Shade Of Winter, ASBI-G091-38
Siouxsie & The BansheesMetal PostcardSBI-G184-13
Siouxsie & The BansheesFace To FaceSBI-G018-31
Zappa, FrankBobby BrownSBI-G148-13

The downside to that little last-minute activity was that, with all the various minor tasks that needed to get done (database entry, file name changes, updates, new update sheet printing (and it's close to "a sheet," now - only two double-sided pages. Sigh)), I didn't make it to the bar until after 8:00pm.

Which meant, of course, that for a change, there were people waiting. Like Megan, Kim, and kshandra. Oops.

At least Kiri sang Face To Face...

I had everything more or less going by 8:30pm, and we started into a very pleasant night. Kim didn't sing, but of course Megan and Kirsten did, as did Yvonne, synkitty, trivialt, snafflekid, nightvzn, lucydogstringer, kizmet100, and supersniffles. Not to mention this cute couple, Melvin and Raymond.

Looking at the time since I last posted about Yvonne, it's no wonder she made a comment about my weight...

Of course, there were some comings and goings, but things stayed reasonably lively all night. I ran for 8 rotations, and while the bar didn't make a lot, we at least did beat target by 9%.

Just to clear up a little disagreement with timenchanter: So far this year, the weekend average has been 18% below target. When I make a comment about "It's nice to be above target for a change", it's because, well, it's nice to be above target for a change. Out of 16 weeks so far, we've been above target 4 times. Nyeah.

We had a nice little visit from firestrike and Kimmi. Kimmi asked if I could just do sound for the con for the weekend, since, for various reasons, their usual people aren't available. This would mostly involve mixing the Tempest concert on Sunday. It's quite tempting, since I'd get a full room comp, and would be able to get a nice little working vacation of sorts in the process.

Not to mention getting some more practice in - and hopefully a tiny bit of positive rep - with full sound board work. This is a huge plus in my book.

The fact that Timmie has put his foot down, and absolutely refused to let me do it, means that I'm sort of going to have to, now. But the decision will have to wait until Kimmi is well enough to meet.

Back at Monday, there was a nice little post-show supper with Timmie, Kirsten, and Synthia, and then home, and something like oblivion.

I forget why I was up early on Tuesday. Probably just the heat. All I really remember at this point was rushing around trying to get a present for mor_riogain's birthday party, and get to Dev's on time. I rather failed in the latter, but I was still set up by 8:15pm. Given this party was supposed to start at 8:00pm, not too bad.

Dev really wasn't expecting a lot of people. Boy was he surprised. Not only did we get a large influx of regulars, but we also got a quite nice selection of people out to party for Brittany's 21st - including sidhedancer, who I haven't seen since the last Baycon.

rackstraw got to deal with having worlds collide a little bit.

Otherwise, there were new people like Johnny O (who used to be a DJ), and Tammy (very nice voice). I gather Tammy used to go to Kathy's shows - not positive, though.

I had 19 different singers, and ran for 5 rotations, ending a little after 1:00am. I didn't lose a lot of people on the way, either, which is odd for a Tuesday (though I suspect David was rather tired at his 6:30am meeting). Brittany sang her first karaoke, and apart from a few minor projection issues, did very well.

Gia is also coming along quite well. The improvements are quite noticeable.

The main issue was that, given the weather, a lot of the party was hanging out outside. I spent a lot of time rounding up singers - not that I don't need the exercise. Besides, it's a very good thing that people were finding other ways to make it a party.

Though I wasn't able to get Brittany up for her last song, because she just wouldn't leave the jacuzzi. Darn.

It was about 2:30am by the time I was shut down, packed up, and out of there, so I went off to join Timmie and chargerboy at Carrow's, there with a nice little selection of friends whose names I don't remember. All I gotta say is that Gabe's high school experience was considerably more exciting than mine.

Then home, and a bit more sleep. Yesterday I got up a little early, mostly to go get a prescription at Kaiser. Then I dropped by the Hyatt to look at the bar layout - I now know how I want to set up, but I've gotta figure out how to describe it to Winnie - then made it up to Julie's at a reasonable time, for a change.

And wasted pretty much all of that time talking to people and hanging out. I wasn't ready to go until almost 9:00pm. Of course, I didn't have any singers at that point.

There was a nice little crowd in the bar as I was setting up, that evaporated completely by the time I was ready to go. By the time jannypanlj got there, it was one step up from a morgue.

So we hung out at the bar and talked until about 10:00pm.

The place stayed fairly dead all night, with a slight build-up around midnight. The most interesting person was Les, who apparently used to be a regular. He had a good time, and I certainly enjoyed him - fun songs.

Tim of Tim&Maria showed up for a while, and sang a couple. This one group - Dan, Marion, and Martin (Martin visiting from Quebec, and Marion being an cute impish thing) came in and sang one song each, sort of, I gather, on a dare.

A couple from Mac, and some more Tommy.

I closed down at 1:30am after 16 rotations.

Profits were just a little low, though high enough to pay for gas. And even the supper I had at April's place afterwards.

We heard someone report that none of the other local bars had any patrons either, which was actually kinda comforting.

I wavered my way down the freeway, had the aforementioned food chez April, and then home, where I pretty much passed out.

And here I am, still tired - in part because I've been writing this for over two hours, now.

Other little bits: I had a long phone conversation with Maria, yesterday. She's quite interested in hostessing. She couldn't make it in last night, but she'll be able to next week - we're to meet before the show, plan things out, and negotiate with Cher. She has some good ideas, and seemed amenable to mine.

I'm also going to be doing a party this Saturday at the Blue Chip, downtown. It's for a birthday party, and I'll only be playing from 8:00pm to 10:00pm, but if anyone wants to come give me support, well, I love to see friendly faces.

And that's, I think, it. Right now, I think I'll try for some more sleep.

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