Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Life Continues

The rest of Saturday was uneventful. timenchanter and I went up to the Dome, and I did various little chores around the house (strapping down the microwave, putting up side awnings, installing fonts on my dad's laptop), while Timmie did the easy job of whacking weeds around the house.

No, I don't feel guilty about the division of labor at all.

My mom did a nice little version of Coq au Vin, which had a few minor issues, mostly, I think, my dad's low-salt diet. Still yummy, though.

Then down the hill and home, where I went to bed early, because, well, because I was tired. Still feeling the reverberations from last week.

Woke up before noon on Sunday, got a bit more done on the taxes (almost done with the business!), and was thinking of heading back to bed when She Whose Birthday Just Passed called about lunch.

Priorities. It was the only time since her birthday that we'd both had free, and while it was mostly just a hang out sort of thing (Sweet Tomatoes is not a fancy birthday dinner), we at least hung out.

I introduced her to Ku Day Ta, we talked. Nothin' hugely dramatic.

She did kinda tear into me for not returning the mic stand that broke last week, so after dropping her off, I did that. It is nice having the $40 back.

Got to the bar a bit late, 'cause Baja Fresh took a little longer than anticipated. No biggie.

Mark was already there, but it was a while before anyone else showed up - that being trivialt. I got started around 8:45pm.

Mark sang in the first rotation, but then left abruptly. Stan thinks he may have disturbed him. So the next three rotations were the three of us.

I was kinda settling in to the idea of not charging Paula (under a certain amount of bar income, it just seems silly), when people just started showing up. The fifth rotation was 12 people (We added the Kimberley group, J, kizmet100, Chris & Catherine (Catherine lives around the corner, and has been in before. I don't think she's sung before, though), Kathy & David J, and supersniffles).

Then some losses, plus the addition of Anthony from Thursday. We continued pretty much like that until the end of the night, with lucydogstringer coming in at the 7th round, and foxypinkninja singing the last song.

Ten total rotations, and the bar actually did very well. To manage to make it under target, we're going to need another completely dead night tonight. But there's a chance - remote, granted, but a chance - that we might actually beat target.

Anyway, it turned into a nice, high-energy night. Kimberley's group cheers for everyone, which is infectious, Chris and Anthony are both great singers, Kathy sang Miss Chatelaine, which always makes me melt - just a great time.

We did have Nikki and a couple of other trannies come in, and express their usual disappointment over the lack of dance music. I can sympathize, but what can I say? I'm not DJ Purple. I don't reduce the song list to high-energy only, and people wanted to do slower stuff.

Afterwards, Timmie had other things to do, so I visited April with Maggie and Elly, then hied myself home, caught up on doings on the net, and got some sleep.

I woke up ridiculously early again, and have been trying to get a bunch of little stuff done. Like convincing Dev to hold tomorrow's party. It's like pulling teeth. We actually had a great turnout last week, but each time he ends up giving me all the take, then complaining that he's losing money.

Well, duh.

Part of the problem is that he's more the day trader type, and I'm far more buy and hold. About an hour after putting up the notification, he was complaining that he only had two positives...

There's someone supposedly coming over this afternoon to buy the Alesis, which should help the bottom line (AT&T is getting snippy), and I've been trying to contact mor_riogain to tell her that yes, tomorrow's a go.

And I think that's it. I need to either nap a bit, or start another run through the pile of documents, looking for yet another thing I'm missing for the taxes...

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