Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Boring Details

Now that I'm clean, and fed (from my favorite place that rhymes with Pachelbel (Didja know his name actually was Johann?)), I feel like saving some details about the car.

On the whole, the timing belt didn't look too bad, at least if you ignore the 8 inches or so of missing teeth.

He also replaced one of the rollers, because it sounded like a can full of hairpins. For those of you that know what a can full of hairpins sounds like.

He still seemed rather surprised that the water pump looked good. I seem to remember replacing that at some point, so there may be an explanation for his surprise.

I suppose I shouldn't be astounded that the car seems to be running more smoothly.

I've paid the car insurance, and if I ever finish with the taxes (I have made some progress today. Just not a huge amount), I can see what I have left to work with.

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