Bruce (kor27) wrote,

New Day

Pretty much everything has moved in a more positive direction since my last post.

First off, I've had some sleep. I went to bed around 10:30pm last night, and, with a 2 hour break in there somewhere, just got up about an hour and a half ago. The most sleep I've had all week. I won't say that I feel rested, but I at least don't feel incredibly zoned.

Before that happened, I got a couple of calls from She Whose Identity Must Remain Obscure, the first to ask if I wanted to go hang out (I did, but, well: No car), and the second just to talk. Granted, most of the talking was about what she'd been doing, but then, she's had a pretty busy week.

She's doing her usual whirlwind "pull life back together" thing. Rather impressive to watch, actually.

I also found that the latest Woot is an ASUS eeePC for $150, so after a call, I got one for timenchanter. I'd have gotten one for myself, but I can't exactly afford it.

Then what woke me up this morning was my mechanic, saying that the timing belt had broken, and that everything else seems OK - including the water pump he wanted to replace. So the bill's going to be $400, instead of $500. More importantly, the car will work.

Plus I'll have enough money to make the latest insurance payment.

Even better, when I finally got around to looking at the taxes, TurboTax froze up - twice - giving me more of a reason to procrastinate.

The sun is up, the lawnmowers are singing, and all is right with the world.

Wait - who the hell has enough of a lawn to mow for this long around here?

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