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Bruce [userpic]

It's been quite a week.

I might as well start with the present drama. My taxes still aren't done, and I've been holding off on expenditures in case the minimal amount of money I've got might help. This is a good thing because...

My car's in the shop. I was driving home this afternoon along Central Expressway when it just quietly stopped running at a stoplight (I didn't even know it had for a bit), and wouldn't start. One exciting little tow truck ride later, I have my mechanic telling me that if I'm lucky, it's the timing belt, and it'll cost about $500 to fix. If I'm unlucky, I'll need a new engine.

$500 is almost precisely what I have in the bank. Of course, most of that is supposed to go for things like my cell phone bill, auto insurance (granted, I may not need that), DSL bill, possible tax bill, disc purchases, etc, etc.

Bah and humbug, I say.

Casting back through time (doo doo doo doo... doo doo doo doo...)...

Monday's show. Another slow night (the weekend was considerably down), though I did very nicely in tips, which made it economically worthwhile. Fourteen rotations, plus an extra song for supersniffles (she hated the last song I gave her). An hour or so visit by jackal_logic, some trivialt, a bit of h2ocrazyguy, and a Cindi/lucydogstringer end cap.

We also had some Jorgie (fortunately relatively sober), a new guy named Matt, a bit of Lindsey & Eric, and a whole bunch of this guy named Mark.

Mark's interesting. Older gentleman (might even be older than me, though I wouldn't bet on it), decent singer, much talk about having to deal with his wife having recently passed away.

Hit on just about every male in the bar. He didn't hit on me, but I may simply not have noticed.

I sang from a snafflekid list of suicide songs for most of the night, then shifted over to one left by Steven just as he got there - so he got to experience me trying to do You Can't Stop the Beat. That seemed to make him happy.

Tuesday I was up, dressed, and to the Tower by about 9:45am. Turns out I was the earliest of the volunteers, so Ryan and I moved quite a few boxes before the rest of the crew showed up. Tara showed up about half an hour later, and then after what at least seemed like a couple of hours, the others trickled in (Monish, genuine_snark, onyx101, and timenchanter).

The timing was actually fortuitous. By that point, I was having trouble making it up and down the stairs, so I kept sparkle_journal company while everyone else moved stuff.

I got to meet Ryan's dad Patrick, and Chelsea's dad Larry. Patrick, especially, is a trip.

As befits the day the Tower fell, the winds for the day were incredible.

I got home at something like 3:00pm, and managed to get an hour's nap in before having to get ready for the Tuesday show.

Which was pretty awesome, and nicely profitable. I did 7 rotations, with 19 different singers. Heather and raven2000 showed up, so I was somewhat busy with backrubs. It was also the return of rackstraw, who I really should friend. All in all a very high energy night, mit much singing und much dancing und many pretty girls.

Since I'd had about 4 hours of sleep in the last day, I forewent the whole "stop for supper" thing and went home to sleep.

I was back up around noon on Wednesday, and trying to get the taxes done, with some success. Stress on the "some." Mostly, I managed to dig up the documents needed.

Then off to the City for the show at Julie's. Which was also remarkably busy. Five rotations, and 25 individual singers.

There was much jannypanlj, but also many of the bar regulars, like Wil, Matthew, Amity, Anthony, Evan, and Mac.

Maria and Tim came in. I talked to her about hostessing - she was supposed to stay late so we could discuss the subject, but left instead (I suspect alcohol may have been a factor). She and Tim also brought in a whole bunch of friends, which was, of course, much fun - and brought the gay factor of the evening up quite a few notches.

Kym sang a song that wasn't Inside Out.

Matthew broke my new mic stand, pretty much the same way he'd broken the previous one.

I was packed up much faster than usual, because, for a change, I'd been able to park right out front. Still, I hung around, because Mac was being quite entertainingly drunk and loud in one corner, and Anthony was quite entertainingly drunk - but not loud - in another corner, and I ended up talking with him and Rachel, which ended up getting me some cuddle time with Rachel.

And she is quite cuddly.

And then home, again with no coffeeshop break in the middle. But I did have a surreal little encounter with a homeless lady as I was getting into the car. She forced a mini camera tripod on me, for no discernable reason. She spoke in signs and portents, which is really too bad, because I don't remember a damn thing she said.

I again pretty much went to sleep as soon as I got home, then got back up again at noon, to try to get some more tax work done. And I did get some more tax work done. I got to partway through the business info before having to head off to the Thursday show.

And Thursday was also pretty awesome. In terms of attendance, a very nice contrast with Sunday and Monday. Five rotations and 26 singers, so almost identical to Wednesday in terms of crowd.

Not gonna list everybody. But some Honey and tankgirl (though Angela didn't sing), trivialt, Aaron, the Alex group with Adonis, snafflekid, Mikey H, kizmet100, the Kristin group (which hasn't been in for a while), jasonmagick, justnate, and more Steven.

We also had the Mark from Monday, and a new singer, Anthony, that was very good. Also Danny, who's not been in for an even longer while. Danny was there celebrating a friend's birthday. In the process, he's engaged me to play at his birthday, which should be a lot of fun.

If I, um, have a vehicle by then, that is...

After the show, there was a very nice time chez April with Maggie, foxypinkninja, Timmie, and myself. Then home, and a few more hours of that "sleep" thing.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect today, because today is the birthday of She Whose Name Causes Terror. And in fact, around 1:00pm, I did get a call from her, to meet her and Heather at some odd location. Which turned out to be a hotel they were being kicked out of.

It appears that some partying went on last night, which included Desi - which means I at least got to see Desi for the first time in like two years. But mostly I got to stand around while everybody else got the hell out of dodge because a clerk was having a shit fit...

I ended up (sigh...) loaning Her Unnameableness some more money, because she'd managed to run through 200 minutes of talk time in a week, and needed to get her phone restarted. Then she took off with friends.

It's nice to feel needed. Really.

Since I was out - and all I had at home were unfinished taxes - I decided to shop around for yet another mic stand. I eventually found a nice one at Starving Musician for a reasonable price. I went for an old-style round base one this time. They're a lot harder to break than a tripod.

It was just about 5:00pm at that point, so I dropped into the Sunnyvale Fry's to weather the evening traffic for a bit. Which would've worked, if I hadn't gotten a call from a guy that wanted to buy one of my Craigslist items.

So I started home, taking Central to avoid the major part of the traffic. Which, of course, brings us to the beginning of this post.

Fortunately my buyer was willing to reschedule - he just left with the DSP110's in hand. And I have a little bit more money to put towards getting the car back on the road.

And so here I am, stuck at home, with not much here but the damn taxes.

What's a procrastinator to do?

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: nervousnervous

When is this birthday gig? Should we be needed, Barnum and I are at your disposal.

(And I'd come rescue you from *gasp* actually accomplishing something, but I had a glass of red wine with dinner, which hits me harder than damn near any other alcohol I can think of. I'm not thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis drunk, but I definitely have no business operating heavy machinery.)

Edited at 2009-04-18 04:01 am (UTC)

The birthday gig actually isn't until the end of May, so I'm not too too worried about that one.

And Timmie, I'm sure, will be happy to help ferry stuff for tomorrow, and maybe even Tuesday.

It's the Wednesday in the City gig that I'm more concerned about, to be honest. I'm just going to have to acquire transport of some form. And I'll be able to manage in the end, though I may have to take out an indefinite loan from the bank of Mom, which I absolutely hate doing.

And I fully understand about red wine. It always hits me much harder than the "hard" stuff...

Yeah, getting the immediate-term figured out would make more sense, wouldn't it? (Duh....)

Let me talk to gridlore in the morning, see if we can make this happen for Wednesday. If I can fit 10 days' worth of playa gear in the car - and still have room to take a passenger to the Reno Airport when I left - we can get you and the equipment to SF.

I quite appreciate - and may need - it, but the first thing is to find out what the mechanic has to say tomorrow.

I've got a reasonable chance of having transport by the afternoon. Then I just need to worry about, y'know, paying my bills...

Gotta say, though, it would be fun riding up there with ya.

Tell that Matthew guy that he can't use my mike stand anymore!

I'm pretty sure I've found one that's Matthew-proof. The main thing is that he likes to do the whole "lean forward with the mic" kind of thing - which, if you end up supporting everything on one leg, means that all the force goes through a wimpy little hinge.

The new one has a cast iron base, and the vertical threads all the way through it. Not a lot of chance for destruction.

As a plus, this one has a squeeze clamp, which should make height adjustment a lot easier.

Yeah, I've had the urge to do the leaning thing but didn't because I thought it would be bad for the mike stand.

Notice me not saying a damned thing on a certain subject about which I was questioned by my best friend's parents...

Further, for at least this week, ferrying is not a problem. Sunday and Monday I have to go to the bar anyway. Tuesday and Wednesday can help to make up for the numerous favors I'm behind... After Thursday we might start running into problems. Hell, starting tomorrow I'll even have insurance again. Monday should see registration, too! Almost like a real person. lol

Thanks again for the EEE purchase. I'm amazingly still awake. If this continues for another half hour or so, I'll just hit a McD's for breakfast and head home, stopping by the bank on the way. Any way you slice it, I should have your cash to you before you wake up.

I want a name like that..."she who causes terror" that's just great! I'll see you tuesday? you should call me so we can work out the details.