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Bruce [userpic]

It's been mentioned before, but not here: I now have a Yelp page, as one of the many ways I'm trying - effectively or not - to advertise the business. It's even linked from my website, 'cause I'm all technically cool like that.

This is where you, the average consumer, come in. Especially if you already have a Yelp presence (they may ignore reviews by people who come in, make a single review, then leave).

I could always use more reviews. I'd of course prefer ones that say I walk on water and cleared up your acne, but only if there actually was a measurable reduction in zit count.

Anyway, back to procrastinating on my overdue taxes...

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(no subject) - (Anonymous)

I do try to know my audience...

They will let newbies still rate ya. I created my account to rate ya, and that's the only review I've done. And I'm still on your reviews. I think. I hope. :)

They claim they may hold back reviews, but don't publish their criteria for that - most likely because then people would figure out a way around the block.

I'm sorta assuming the "only 1 review" thing has an effect. Too many reviews at once may be another.

I dunno.