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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
Semblance of Normalcy

I'm playing off procrastinations, here - as long as I'm updating, I don't have to consider my taxes.

Though at least I've gotten myself to install Turbotax. It's a good first step. Locating the relevant paperwork will be... trickier.

From that point, it'll be trivial to put everything in - and then I can have a good laugh about how much they want me to pay.

Meanwhile, back at yesterday afternoon...

I napped some more, wrote a contrived blurb for my Yelp page, and eventually drove off with a car full of equipment around 6:30pm. Even with a stop for fast food, I was at the bar at just about the stroke of 7:00pm, and set up well before 8:00pm.

Of course, I didn't start until almost 9:00pm. I should have started earlier - this girl named, as far as I could read, "Mana," put in a Latin song at something like 8:20pm, but I kept waiting for Ian's songs on the jukebox to finish.

I should know better.

Anyway, she was gone by the time I actually started, which makes me feel bad. But by that point we had jasonmagick, who wasn't sure if he wanted to sing, but ended up doing 5 songs. Shortly after that we had qzar_mystik.

And that, with timenchanter and myself, was the rotation until something approaching 10:30pm.

Then people started showing up, the first being Mark.

I apparently should remember Mark, and probably would if my memory didn't suck so very, very much. I gather he used to go to the Daybreak, and his first question was to ask where my ex-wife was...

He apparently heard about the place from Chris H, who lived at the HoD in 2005. Chris, I gather, worked for him for a short while, which is a phrase frequently used when referring to Chris.

We also had the Rickstar, and moahb, and tlsthatsme, and Sarah & Paul, as well as later appearances by both supersniffles and lucydogstringer.

Then there were Luke and Debby, both übergeeks, and a lot of fun. They accidentally walked into the enemy camp - KoC is full of BayCon people, and they attend its mortal enemy, Fanime.

No, really. The people at the top of both conventions have had a long, bitter, and ultimately silly feud, one of the results of which is that the conventions happen on the same weekend.

Queue Shatner quote.

So, in the end, a fairly slow night, but a very fun one. I closed off the 12th rotation at about 1:42am, because there just barely wasn't enough time for another one - and I was tired. The bar made almost enough money to justify being open.

Fortunately I did well in tips.

Timmie and I had everything closed down by something like 2:15am, and then he, I, Cindi, and Tobi headed off to order unhealthy food from April.

Much fun later, I headed home, and slept. I've had the usual minor interruptions here and there, but on the whole, I'm pretty rested. Now it's just a matter of dealing with my usual avoidance behavior.

The program's fully installed and updated now. Dammit.

I haven't heard back from Purple, so I don't know if I'll be doing Mariner's point or not. I will be doing sound at Sarah & Paul's wedding, however.

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