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January 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Another Week, Another Tuesday!

And I'll be at Dev's house tomorrow!

The number of people signed up through his meetup group keeps growing - but it would be nice to see some other faces.

Dev, as always, provides the snacks and sodas (including his fried shrimp and scallops), and I'll bring the music.

We're still asking $10 a person to defray expenses (less than an adult movie ticket), and, of course, BYOB. The last thing we need is to be raided by the ABC.

Dev's place is amazing. I'm pretty sure he can be convinced to fire up the hot tub, so you can soak out back between songs. Or hang out around the fire pit. Or chill on a couch. Or dance in the large dance floor area.

The address is:

3403 Cherry Ave
San Jose
You can find it here - it's the big house with the balcony in the street view.

I'll be running from 7:00pm to midnight - and likely beyond. Come visit!

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