Bruce (kor27) wrote,

More Whirlwind

More daze to catch up on...

Thursday evening was much fun, as usual. Not the most profitable ever, but also far from the least.

And we definitely were crowded. For one thing, it was the last visit by the Tower before the move, so we had sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, Denise, Elana, and even Stein & Kristi.

But we also had some trivialt, with a guy named Jorge (pronounced Georgie), which produced some confusion with Jorgie (pronounced Georgie), especially since Trankie/Wayne had gotten Jorgie somewhat wasted.

Jorgie was therefore quite a bit more "entertaining" than usual. For one thing, he knocked over the subwoofer at one point. And he was making loud enough random noises in the corner to be heard over several singers.

We also had snafflekid (who, with k_magic, put together yet more suicide songs for me to sing. Woo.), Honey, kizmet100, the Alex group, markobellydance, an extremely rare and welcome appearance by celticnoor, some more nightvzn (Yay!), June/Jhun (who hadn't been in for a while, but only got one song in), maiandra, her friend Kelly, supersniffles, and a grand return by Shawn and Eddie.

Their friend Marissa is apparently pushing to get them out of the house at least once a week. I can support that.

That covers most of the singers. A total of six rotations, of which three took up most of the evening.

A quiet supper with timenchanter chez April, and then home.

I was supposed to be up around noon on Friday to pick up She Whose Name Must Never Be Spoken at an interview, but she called to say she'd decided to skip it, so I went back to sleep until 2:00pm, woke up at my usual speed, then took Timmie over to Costco to get new tires.

Around 5:30pm or 6:00pm, I picked up the Woman With No Name, and we grabbed a couple of miscellaneous loads from her storage place to take to her Mom's place. Some dinner at the Mongolian BBQ on El Camino, some movies at my place.

A fairly simple day, really.

Saturday saw some more running around doing stuff with She Whose Name Is Not Even Whispered, some of it doing chores of mine (I now have a new mic stand), and some of it hers (we did research on prepaid phones, and got her one). We also went up to my parents', as most Saturdays, but spent most of the time online trying to get the damn prepaid phone to work. I don't think I like Virgin Mobile...

But a pleasant dinner, then back down the hill, where we dropped by the Cardinal to see Vince sing with his band, Bump City. It was another Meetup event, so I saw a few familiar faces from Tuesdays - like Gia.

We were going to leave a little after midnight, anyway (The Girl With No Name is relatively diurnal), but we were helped along by a cover of Let's Get It On. Turns out we both hate the song.

This morning saw me getting up and clean at 8:00am, since I'd been invited by the Mother Of The Nameless for Easter breakfast. That family is always an experience.

Breakfast was damn good, though.

Most of the family headed off to Easter services. I took No Name Girl to an apartment cleaning job, came home, napped, picked her up, had a nice lunch with her at Subway, and am now home, ready to nap a bit more.

Or catch up on stuff I was supposed to do Friday, like research discs. We'll see.

I also still haven't surveyed the Hyatt bar layout. I must do that soon, before they have another panic attack.

Oh, and taxes. I really should consider doing my taxes some time.

Meanwhile, I may be filling in for DJ Purple at Mariner's point again next month. That would be most cool.

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