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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
Crazy Busy

This will be sketchy. OK, sketchy for me.

Sunday afternoon, I noticed that the Unnamed One looked depressed from her MySpace status, so I spent some time emailing back and forth, arranging to have lunch on Monday.

Then the Sunday show, which was a hell of a lot of fun, as always because of the people there, like sparkle_journal, jackal_logic, Peter B, kshandra, snafflekid, Aaron, Bekki, and kizmet100.

Steve C showed up for a little bit - haven't seen him in ages - I think as part of the moahb birthday celebrations.

So Noah was there for a bit as well, along with Rick.

We also had a new guy (at least I think he's new) named Sean, one song by J, and at the very end of the night timenchanter's friend Eric actually got drunk brave enough to sing a couple of songs. Eric had brought his friend Brittany, who sang along.

Following the usual pattern, it started up fairly busy, and after the end of the fourth rotation, around, I think, 11:30pm, it faded out, so we went through 10 rotations before closing.

Bar income was very nice.

Afterward Timmie, myself, and Peter went off to bask in the glory that is April, and then I came home.

Monday I started to get up early for lunch, but got a last minute call from She Without A Name to say something had come up.

So I slept for the rest of the afternoon.

To balance things out, Monday's show was relatively slow. Sorta. It was only one rotation longer, but it was just over a quarter as much income as Sunday. Still, we beat target, if only by a bit.

The participants for the evening were Kathy & David J, jackal_logic, Matt H, nightvzn (who I gather was badgered to come out by Matt), David T & Jessica M, supersniffles, the Jorgie experience, and last but not least, Jorgie's friend Jimbo, who, though nice enough, is in the dictionary under "derelict wino." Yeah, kinda creepy.

And then Timmie and I had some more Denny's, 'cause that's the thing to do.

Tuesday, I actually did have lunch with the Nameless One (at Aqui), then, since she lacks transport, offered to drive her over to apply for general assistance, then got her to the EHC, to see what help she could get. Then dropped her back off at her aunt's, where she was sleeping on the floor.

Hence to Dev's, where he'd done his best to strong-arm 15 to 20 people to show up. He got about that many, though only some of them sang - the rotations stayed at about 11 people for most of the night. We're slowly getting Gia to relax about her singing ability, which is improving said ability remarkably.

The usual, what.

Steve was thrilled that I'd gotten some Coulton, and one of the new people, Vince, was simply awesome. He's a professional musician (He's playing at the Cardinal this Saturday. I'll likely drop by), and just an all-around fun guy. He was doing a lot of duets with people - like Gia.

Michelle came back, and brought her daughter Rebecca (Becky), who seemed to have a good time. It's sometimes hard to read through the whole rebellious teenager thing.

We ran over, as usual, then shutdown took quite a while because of an ongoing conversation with Dev, Sean, and this woman named Meryl, who is just building up a social life.

I got out of there around 2:00am, dropped by the Mini, and was just finishing supper when I got a call from Timmie, who was stranded with a flat tire, broken jack, and a guy named Phillip over at 101 and Tully. So I headed over to perform some roadside assistance fraud, and got them rolling.

Then home and sleep for a couple of hours.

Up again around 8:00am to take the Girl With No Name back to ECH to complete the application process, and then to drop her off at yet another new place to sleep.

Since I was actually up during the day, and 1,000 miles overdue for a rotation, I brought the car into Costco, then slowly walked every. single. aisle. in the store, trying to take up an hour and a half. At a little over an hour (and a point where my left leg was starting to cramp), I checked to find the car was done, but they hadn't gotten around to calling me.

And then home, and oblivion for the afternoon.

I of course got to the City half an hour late again, and this time it caused some real delay, because it was another meeting of the Young Democrats, and there was no parking to be found anywhere. Just rolling the equipment to the bar took about 20 minutes. Then I got to go search out a permanent, legal space - which ended up being nearly two blocks away.

Not to mention trying to run wiring behind occupied tables.

It likely would have been a profitable night, if most of the drinks for the evening hadn't been purchased before I started. As it was, it was pretty miserable, income-wise.

Though jannypanlj got to sing a lot. She was in every one of the 16 rotations.

We had a few singers from the Democrats, like Jen L (who always does You Oughta Know), a few songs from Carly & Kevin, and five from Matthew (he was there all night, but only did so much singing).

Around about midnight, Cher was talking about closing down, and I was winding through a last few rotations, when Abby and a whole contingent walked in. It was John's birthday, and she wanted him to sing - in fact he eventually did do Sunglasses At Night. So we kept going.

The most active singer in the group was Bradley, who I think just followed them in - he supposedly just moved here from Illinois. He was... interesting. But fun.

So yeah, 16 rotations, and 19 individual singers. Very odd night.

During shutdown, Cher and I discovered that she hadn't talked to me about hiring Maria because she thought I might get upset - and I hadn't talked to her about Maria because I'd wanted to talk to Maria first. So if Maria's amenable, she'll be working with me.

Of course, we didn't discuss how this would work monetarily...

And Rachel flashed me, which definitely made the night worthwhile.

Then down the peninsula to home, where I dropped off my speakers, and thence to the sleeping spot for the One Whose Name Causes Madness, to get her back to the previous location, because this morning's phone interview for food stamps would be going to that number.

Then some sleep.

Interrupted at 10:20am by Winnie from the Hyatt, who wants detailed info about how I'm going to set up for the Baycon show. I was less than completely coherent - but woke up enough about an hour later to fire off an email to her, which apparently calmed her down somewhat.

I've never seen any place have so much trepidation about a karaoke show before. I may have to draw them a diagram of what I want to do - and this is for volunteer work. Sheesh.

Around 1:50pm, the Appellationless One called to tell me that her mom had relented, and she was going to move back there. This is a good thing - especially for her cat. The original reason it didn't work was her mom not dealing well with Vince, the present boyfriend. I don't know if the boyfriend concept was an issue, or simply the fact that two seconds of observation tells one that Vince is trouble...

But anyway. Some more sleep, and here I am - needing to get into the shower. There are cool people heading to the bar, so I expect to have a good time.

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Oh, CRAP. I meant to text you that I'd sent your contact info to chairman_tycho after lunch yesterday, since I had a sneaking suspicion something like this (calling while you were unconscious) would happen....

Mea maxima culpa.

No problem, dear. It was going to happen anyway.

And if I'd been really unconscious, I wouldn't have woken up enough to answer.

I'm just amazed by how concerned these people are. You'd think I was bringing the plague.

Well, it is a) an open-air bar b) underneath a residential tower, so I can see why they'd be panicky. But it's gonna be worth it.

I need to remember to ask Tycho if we're going to have extended hours at the sushi bar this year....

Oh, and while I'm thinking about it...You and I will have to be sure there's a few singers between us so we can tag out, since the desk is open til 11. (And I don't know how bad they'll need us!)

I'm thinking I'll have a fast - or at least flexible - track for anyone who's working, just because they won't have time to stick around for an hour and a half.

Oh, they have reason to be nervous. But they obviously haven't realized what they have reason to be nervous about...

Which item on the list did you have in mind? ;-)

Well, the primary thing, given this is in an open bar in the lobby of the hotel, is that I'm going to have to keep a fairly close eye on the songs submitted.

I can just imagine the looks on the lobby crew's faces at the first round of "I want to fuck you like an animal"...

...I guess this means no Divinyls for me, either, hm? ;-)

The general rule I follow is that if it can be played on the airwaves, it can be sung in a hotel lobby.

So the Divinyls should be perfectly OK. First of May, however, is right out.

...should I point out that I heard Detachable Penis on Live 105 this afternoon? ;-)

Well, oddly, "penis" isn't one of the 7 proscribed words...

True enough, but it does still tend to provoke "...wait, WHAT?" reactions in people. (They played the request call on the air, and the girl asking for the song couldn't say the name without giggling.)

They tend to get nervous when dealing with new experiences. I think it's due to the presence of corporate lawyers lurking in the wings.

You are indeed correct about the persuasive role of the Matt! But I'd been considering going already, and I stayed far longer than his crew, so I take some credit ;)

THAT was sketchy?

Sketchy for me, as I said.

It covers four days in about twice the space I normally take for a single day, by omitting quite a number of anecdotes, smartass comments, and general diarrhea of the fingers...