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November 2018
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Bruce [userpic]
It's Tuesday Again!

And I'm again doing a party at Dev's house!

We have a nice number of people that have signed up already, but the more the merrier.

Dev provides the snacks and sodas, I provide the music, and you provide the party. It all works out.

As always, we're asking $10 a person to defray expenses, and, of course, BYOB. Liquor laws are strict.

Dev's place pretty much has to be seen to be believed - and if the rain lets up (or you don't care), I'm pretty sure he can be convinced to fire up the hot tub, so you can soak out back between songs. Or chill on a couch. Or dance in the large dance floor area.

The address is:

3403 Cherry Ave
San Jose
You can find it here - it's the big house with the balcony in the street view.

I'll be running from 7:00pm to midnight - and likely beyond. Come visit!

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

I would like to come one of these days but ten bucks is just a little too steep for me.

A request...

Next time you place a disc order, can you throw this in? I know it's a lot of dupes for you, but I'd really love it if you had a copy of "Kyrie" before the con.

I'll be bringing at least 2 people on the 21st.